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Nightlife Gold: GoldBar NYC
Talk about the focus on décor. Once a venue owner figures out that New Yorkers are attracted to...
Get Social: Social Hollywood Los Angeles
Club hookups happening in sleek nightlife settings, where guys sip gold label whiskey glancing at...
Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals Surprising News
Sarah Jessica Parker pulled double duty earlier this week, as she announced Chris Noth’s return as...
DJ Cassidy Celebrates His Birthday at the NYPL
Last Wednesday, July 8, DJ Cassidy celebrated his 28th birthday at the New York Public Library....
'Gossip Girl' Takes Manhattan
Are you obsessed with Gossip Girl? Do you wish that you lived at the Palace Hotel? If so, then get...
Sex and the City 2 Movie Brands Official Vodka
Carrie and the girls have been around for quite some time now, so one would imagine that promoting...
Tired of the Meat Market? Try the Supermarket!
Marriage material is something you just don't find much of in Clubland. Most party people lack the...
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