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Top New Year’s Eve Dance Clubs
#1 Top New Year's Eve Dance Club: Webster HallSome things do get better with age, and Webster Hall...
The Stars Come Out for Angie Martinez's Birthday Bash
Hot 97's Angie Martinez celebrated her birthday last night at Quo Nightclub with a star-studded...
Top Places to Celebrate Your Birthday in NYC
The hardest part about choosing a destination for your birthday bash is picking just...
Hailey Glassman Turns 23 and invites her Facebook "Fans"
She’s back, bitches! Well, that’s what Hailey Glassman, tabloid staple and overall famewhore, wants...
M2 Closed for the Second Weekend in a Row
First M2 is closed, then it's open, but for this weekend, it looks like the Chelsea nightclub is...
CP's Weekend Party Guide
:: : NEW YORK CITY : :: #1 Top Weekend Party in New York City: DJ David Berrie @...
Top Hip-Hop Parties in NYC
To make it as a top hip-hop party in New York City, you need a little something more than good...
The Nightlife Ratio: Best Venues for Ladies in NYC
When it comes to nightclubs in New York City where the number of guys dominates the number of...
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