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The Top Black Friday Parties
Thanksgiving weekend is a favorite party weekend for thousands of college students around the...
If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Miami (Part 1)
  Money, Power, Fame, Sex – New York’s got the money, Washington D.C.’s got the power,...
Jew-Juxtaposition: Vegas, Miami, L.A.
Over the past six weeks I’ve been JewJetting between Las Vegas, Miami and L.A. to see how these...
Ed Hardy Banned in Nightclubs: Is Jon Gosselin’s Social Life Ruined?
Nightclubs have always had stringent dress code policies against “street” attire; basically, if you...
Nightclubs: What it Takes to Stand the Test of Time
In an industry where the lavish grand openings along with the unfortunate downfalls of nightclubs...
Tired of the Meat Market? Try the Supermarket!
Marriage material is something you just don't find much of in Clubland. Most party people lack the...
If you don’t know, now you know: Hamptons Preview 2010
“ [Gazing at the surf] Oh, jeez, I wish you could see this... the lights coming up over the...
CP's Weekend Party Guide
:: : NEW YORK CITY : :: #1 Top Weekend Party in New York City: Victor Calderone @ Santos...
Halloween in Miami
Rather than celebrate for one night, Miami likes to spread out its Halloween nightlife events over...
Love Thy Nightlife
September 1st, 2010 is already here and where does the world of nightlife and hospitality stand?...
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