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Sound Fix: Miami's Live Music Gems
  Although Miami may not be the epicenter of live music, it still has its fair share of...
Video Killed the Electro Star: Hyper Crush
Not quite. In fact, what would the funky, neon-sneakered Hyper Crush be today without the...
Ghosts of Punk's Past: NYC's Best Punk Bars
Twenty, even ten years ago, the Lower East Side was a Mecca for counterculture and rebellion. The...
Merging Art and Music: An Interview with Underworld
  What’s an ArtJam? Well let’s dissect the term. First you have art; a human creative skill...
CP Interview: The Wide World of DJ Sean Perry
The world of entertainment industry has shifted and expanded, reaching further into uncharted...
Proving the Hype: Black Kids Interview
When it comes to Florida’s indie rock music scene there aren’t a lot of names that come to mind...
CP Interview: The Crystal Method
The Crystal Method has been on the musical radar for quite some time now, and they don’t seem to be...
CP Interview: Anthony Gonzalez of M83
M83, the electronic music vehicle for French savant Anthony Gonzalez, has reeled fans in with...
CP Interview: Chatting with Girl Talk
Mixing ready-made songs on a laptop used to be small beer in the music industry, but thanks to Girl...
CP's Daily Music Update
The most anticipated album of 2009 had already been on everyone’s mind in 2008. Bruce Springsteen...
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