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The Opium Group: Addicted to Haute
  When it comes to Miami’s nightlife business, longevity is rare to any and all. Few...
powerHouse Library Launch at Mansion
  It’s as if the low-brow and high-brow grids on the venerable approval matrix have clashed...
Global Nightlife: New York vs Madrid
  Having travelled all over the world, my perception of reality has changed and I have become...
guestofaguest Cures Your Winter Blues
BRRRRRRR! It's really getting cold in Manhattan.  We always find that the best way to cure...
Roger Sanchez at Mansion
After an estimated 35-40 hours of labor for the average American, Friday has finally arrived....
CP Spotlight: Mansion Miami
Everyone makes their own top 10 lists. Top ten places to eat. Top ten places to shop. Well, here at...
The Nine Best Winter Music Conference Parties of 2009
It can become a bit difficult to sort through the best parties of WMC 2009, but hopefully this list...
Winter Music Conference 2009's Best Moments
Aside from all the drinking and dancing, there are some really special moments that occur during...
The Opium Group Moves into Hard Rock
If you know nightlife in South Florida, then you’re familiar with some of the major nightclubs...
Memorial Day Weekend Party Guide 2009
There’s nothing like getting a Monday off. What many nine to fivers think is, “Yes! Another day to...
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