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The Do's and Don’ts of Coming Correct
An angle of attack when approaching a doorman is mission critical. Clubs need shmucks outside...
NYC Doorman Superlatives
Most Talented: Stephan Seguin (Griffin) Stephan works his door calm, cool, collected and with a...
Is Arrogance in Nightlife Good Business?
Pull my hair, spit in my face… is gratuity included? There is nothing that confounds me more...
Too Busy JewJetting to Blog This Week
Sorry, no post this week, JRL was JewJetting on assignment in Miami. He's also still recovering...
"Up In Smoke" with JRL
Despite rumors and countless AP articles, smoking is still legal for patrons in New York City. It’s...
The Downside of Being Hung
Beware: A club’s liability is limited to the coat check girls’ limited abilities. On any given...
Jew-Juxtaposition: Vegas, Miami, L.A.
Over the past six weeks I’ve been JewJetting between Las Vegas, Miami and L.A. to see how these...
JRL's Controversial Party Postponed
We are sad to report that JRL's “Schmucks & Shiksas Prom” scheduled for this Friday night at...
Top Ten Most Hated People in New York Nightlife
10. Matt Lipman (Promoter) – This image promoter has an immunity to pepper spray and a penchant for...
Top Ten Things I Don't Want to See on a Girl in a Nightclub
10. A Michele Watch Nothing says pseudo-prestige like a B&T pave cliché. Ladies: make cheap...
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