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The Do's and Don’ts of Coming Correct
An angle of attack when approaching a doorman is mission critical. Clubs need shmucks outside...
Jew-Juxtaposition: Vegas, Miami, L.A.
Over the past six weeks I’ve been JewJetting between Las Vegas, Miami and L.A. to see how these...
JRL's Controversial Party Postponed
We are sad to report that JRL's “Schmucks & Shiksas Prom” scheduled for this Friday night at...
JRL to Have His Cake and Eat It Jew
A hand selected 150 people have received their invitation to “A F*** ME I’M JRL BIRTHDAY,” a...
A F*** Me Follow-Up
Last Shabbat, 49 Grove turned into what has been referred to as “JRL’s Music Video.” Some of the...
ProvocaWHORE: Turning Joes into Johns. Nightly.
I’ve never made a big deal about prostitution: she’s only a whore if your check clears… Nothing...
When my waspy wingman, Kerner, invited me to JewJet out to Coachella, I thought it was an isle near...
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