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Jay-Z Tops the Charts in UK, but Not In US
One album that’s definitely kept die-hard fans of hip-hop on the edge of their seats is Jay-Z’s...
Stargazing: An Outsider’s Look Inside the Video Music Awards
For 25 years, the MTV Video Music Awards has dominated pop culture by bringing celebrities together...
Jay-Z and The Beatles Go Head to Head on the Charts
Who would of thought that The Beatles would battle it out on the charts with the one and only...
Diddy and Jay Z: A Bro-mance in Full Bloom
Rihanna's Album Release party last week lured in a slew of music moguls and dynamic duos, one...
Beyoncé Finally Spotted!
It has come to our attention that Jay-Z has been seen around town, but Beyoncé is never to be...
Top Club Pop Songs of 2009
It’s extremely hard—or at least fastidious—to narrow down music and to separate the best from...
The Stars Come Out for Angie Martinez's Birthday Bash
Hot 97's Angie Martinez celebrated her birthday last night at Quo Nightclub with a star-studded...
Lil Wayne Makes a Cameo at Jay-Z Concert
Lil Wayne should’ve been in jail last night. He should’ve been caged up in Riker’s Island after...
Jack White and Jay-Z Collaborate
There’s nothing like a good collaboration in music. We’ve previously written about a possible...
Dr. Dre and Jay-Z Team Up with 'Under Pressure'
There’s nothing like having two hip-hop heavyweights come together for a track, and while it seems...
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