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B&B 's 70th Anniversary
  Let’s play a game of word association: I say B&B, you think…cozy little cottage that...
Beer Cocktails Round-up
  “Beer cocktail” sounds like a classy euphemism for a boilermaker, but the recent...
Grow Up! CP's Guide to Upgrading Your Drink
Face it: you’ve been experimenting with drink mixology for a while now. You started off with rum...
Cocktail of the Week: Le Seduction
The art of seduction is something that is that most of us are still trying to figure out. We will...
Cocktail of the Week: Dos Camino's Smoky Pear Margarita
Unlike most cold, fruity beverages, pear cocktails have an undeniably wintry taste. Dos Caminos'...
CP's Best Holiday Cocktails
Ah… Christmas. The cards are sent, your wallet is empty, the post-Christmas cruise for your parents...
A Girl's Guide to Free Drinks
This is not an attempt to reveal every trick that females use to get free drinks at the bar...ok,...
Unlocking Your Summer at The Hamptons
Last week, the exclusive social networking website, Hamptons Undercover, and Quintesentially, one...
Merkato Busted for Buying Cheap Jersey Booze
Looks like Merkato 55 got themselves into a little trouble this week. Everyone knows that their...
Spring Break in Manhattan?
We’re in the middle of March right now and that means only one thing…SPRING BREAK! Well, this only...
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