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Text Messaging Do's and Don'ts
In a world where Britney Spears is crazy, Lindsay Lohan is easy and Rihanna is just asking to get...
MySpace, Not YourSpace: 10 Rules for Online Dating
Internet dating has come a long way since the AOL chat room. Thanks to MySpace, no longer are A/S/L...
Chick Lit: Books to Pick Up Girls
The Hunt. Once as simple as clubbing the girl of your dreams and dragging her back to the cave, the...
Dates in Nightclubs: Pros and Cons
  Nightclubs: heaven to some, hell to others. Dating: hell to most. But does the latter...
How to Create Your Own Fireworks
A patriot’s annual, the national day of the United States, Independence Day and most importantly,...
CP Guide: How to Pick Up a Girl at the Club
Alright boys its time for the great Discothèque Safari! You’ve read all of the Men’s Health...
Tired of the Meat Market? Try the Supermarket!
Marriage material is something you just don't find much of in Clubland. Most party people lack the...
The 1st Step to a 2nd Date: The Top Date Spots in NYC
In this sea of 8 million people that is New York City, dating can be a daunting task. Its...
10 Tactics To Get A Guy To Ask You Out
See that sexy man across the bar? Matchmaker Richard Easton dishes on the top ten ways to lure him...
Five Tips on Being a Good Wing Man
It seems that there is almost nothing that picking up someone and war doesn’t have in common....
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