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Partying in Bolivia: One Man Drinks His Way Through La Paz
Pre-Game: Welcome to BoliviaUrban leisure and nightlife serve the same general purposes almost...
A Girl's Guide to Free Drinks
This is not an attempt to reveal every trick that females use to get free drinks at the bar...ok,...
Marquee Nightclub Isn't Strapped for Cash
A lot of clubs around the nation are definitely being hit hard by the downturn of our economy. The...
CP Interview: The Martinez Brothers
It’s no secret that, as of late, focus on dance music has shifted across the pond.  But the...
Time to Two-Step: NYC’s Top Venues to Dance
The modern day dance floor is quite the marvel. Traditionally, nearly every nightlife venue around...
Halloween in Cardiff
Halloween has many nicknames around the world – Halloween to some, All Hallow’s Eve to many. In...
New York’s Halloween Extravaganza at BLVD
Halloween is a time of dressing up and pigging out on candy. It is a day when you can be anyone you...
Top Underground Lounges in NYC
The term "trendy" is blurred and slightly skewed for Manhattanites, compared to what is deemed...
CP's Weekend Party Guide
:: : NEW YORK CITY : :: #1 Top Weekend Party in New York City: Victor Calderone @ Santos...
CP's 4th of July Weekend Party Guide
:: : NEW YORK CITY : :: Top 4th of July Weekend Party in New York City: Paul Oakenfold @...
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