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Rumors Surround Rihanna and Chris Brown's Blow-Out
Just in time for the ooey-gooey romance of Valentine's Day, we bring you sensationalized rumors...
Who Leaked Photos of Rihanna's Injuries?
If you happened to remember, and you probably do seeing as it’s been in the news since the night of...
Are Chris Brown and Rihanna Finally Over?
The media whirlwind that is the Rihanna and Chris Brown domestic dispute is slowly coming to an end...
Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty
The time had finally come for Chris Brown to say what he had to say in court, but instead of...
Katy Perry Talks about Her Friendship with Rihanna
As we all know, if there’s one celebrity that’s really going through a stressful time, it’s...
According to Chris Brown, He ‘Ain’t a Monster’
The name Chris Brown seems to be synonymous with other words such as wife-beater, bitch-slapper,...
Chris Brown Strikes a Plea Deal
The young man who recently created a YouTube video stating to his fans that he “ain’t no monster,”...
Other Artists React to Chris Brown Plea Deal
Although some of the biggest news in pop culture came this week from Perez Hilton’s assault...
Chris Brown Admits Persistent Love for Rihanna
One of the biggest headlines of the year came as soon as Chris Brown laid his hands on Rihanna this...
Chris Brown Wraps Up Album; Informs Via-Twitter
If you really think about, before we normally had to stick to tabloids and the newspaper when we...
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