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Bravo, Lavo!
Hot as lava and moving just as quickly, Lavo has moved to the top as the latest “see and be seen”...
Barbie and Ken Attend S&M Party in Synagogue
While the title to this blog sounds like a front-page headline that you would read in The National...
The Delano Show
Still crazy fun after all these years, The Delano Hotel (especially on Tuesday nights), remains a...
It's All About Me This Week!
If you could see into my mind, you would view the greatest celebration on Earth. It took me 10...
Zuma "is" Epic and "in" Epic
Zuma, the hottest restaurant in all of Miami, is an epic experience, serving the highest quality...
Owning Your Own Summer Camp
Before I left for Ibiza I got to experience a different kind of party that I usually attend in...
Fast Women Over Fast Cars
This past Sunday I got to experience two great thrills. I got to speed in a racecar around a...
Is There A Doctor In The House?
Not today, but on Sunday, October 16, 2011 there will be.  Because, on that day, the...
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