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A Brief Look Into the Dark Side of EDM Festivals
It was like being on a fantastic fairground ride, centrifugal forces throwing us wider and wider....
MTV VMAs 2011: The Newcomers
If imitation is the highest form of flattery, than this year's crop of "Best New...
Irene in The City: Everything You Need To Know To Prepare for a Hurricane in NYC
Yes, we're all about nightlife here at Clubplanet, but that doesn't mean we don't know a...
5 Socialites That Should Be Banned From Clubs
Welcome to post-apocalyptic America, where mindless zombies stumble around in fine...
Shia LeBeouf Fights Outside of Vancouver Nightclub
Shia LaBeouf, the star of such highbrow art house cinema as Transformers 3: The Dark of the...
It's All Fair Game: Best Halloween Costumes 2011
October is finally here, which means that it’s nearly time for the biggest excuse to get...
Do’s and Don’ts of the Nightclub Line
As the saying goes, "Good things come to those who wait." When it comes to heading out to...
Lady Gaga Releases Remix Album
If you were looking for holiday gift ideas - have no fear music lovers. Today will be a huge day...
Nightlife Myths That Should Die
Have you ever been behind the velvet rope, standing crossed armed and patient while queuing...
Evolution of the Electronic Pop Song
While visiting my parents a few weeks ago, my mother, knowing that I am a bit of a music...
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