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Doggy Drama
Rough! Rough! That’s what kind of night it was for the wonderful animal lover known as Wendy...
Blkmarket Membership with Lee Burridge vs Danny Howells at D36
On Saturday, November 20th at District 36, Blkmarket Membership will be bringing in Lee...
The Best Black Friday Parties
After spending some family bonding time over Thanksgiving dinner, be prepared for Friday, where the...
Celebrating Seven Years of Basic NYC at District 36
One of NYC’s newest nightclubs, District 36, is celebrating the 7-year anniversary of Basic...
The Top 5 Summer 2011 Concerts
The summer season brings about so many activities that there may be times where you're not too...
The Nightlife 5: Louie Vega
While in most music careers, longevity may lead to some stale sounds. In dance music, it only... Planning Your Bottle Service From Home
Table service is the ultimate symbol of success and disposable income in nightlife....
District 36 for Your Hardcore Dance Music Fix
A mini Twilo, a tiny Pacha, a baby Sound Factory…any one of these descriptions play the highest of...
Lawler Comes to Disctrict 36 Halloween Weekend
There's nothing like a little house music on Halloween weekend. New York City's gearing up...
Thanksgiving Week Party Guide 2011
New York #1 AN21 & Max Vangeli at Pacha Friday, November 25, 2011 ...
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