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Sweetie Pie, New York

19 Greenwich Ave

Manhattan, NY 10014


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Type (genre): Coffee Shop, Restaurant / Bar, Romantic
Inside Info:
Status: Open
Sweetie Pie New York, Venue Description

Sweetie Pie-- Ideal for small groups of girls or boyfriends looking to make amends with their girlfriends, Sweetiepie is nothing short of uber, uber girly. Pink cushiony chairs, mirrored walls and ceilings, chandeliers, dripping candles, a quaint back room that comes complete with a pastel-colored mural-- check, check, check. Not to be overlooked two bathrooms-- one with Alice in Wonderland-esque double door and one covered in black and white wall paper. All that good stuff said, despite a relatively expensive, eight-seater bar and a wide variety of top shelf liquor there is , surprisingly, no cocktail menu. You'll have to settle for the classics, beer, sake, wine or the beverage du jour-- absinthe (most around $12). As for the dinner menu think classic dinner (silver dollar pancakes, $9 BLT with fries, $8), meets an eight-year-olds-diet (Milk and Cookies, $7, Shirley Temple, $3). Sure Banana Splits ($12) are fun, but overall the overly simplistic menu was missing a hearty toss of colorful, pizzazz (or at least-- given the decor-- some brownies, lollipops, and colossal amounts of sprinkles). On a side note, if you're looking for a serious adventure, request to be seated in the four-seater table located in front of the restaurant in  a massively over-sized golden bird cage.


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