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New York Roma Pizza & Pasta, Miami

3030 Grand Avenue

Coral Gables, FL 33133


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Type (genre): Restaurant / Bar
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Status: Open
New York Roma Pizza & Pasta Miami, Venue Description

Definitely one of Miami’s hidden food gems (not to the college kids though), New York Roma Pizza is without a doubt the best-drunken slice you can get in the city. Simple process really; gather a group of friends and head down to the Grove. It can be anywhere from Green Street to Sandbar. After a heavy session of drinking, the stomach starts to get your attention. There’s only one place to go if you’re there. Good guess, New York Pizza Roma. The Traditional New York slices are thin and crispy with just the right amount of equally spread sauce and cheese. Although the price can be a little unsettling after a night out (a pepperoni slice setting you back at a near $4) it’s worth every single penny. Although it might be a little tough to get to Pizza Roma if you happen to go out anywhere else, after trying this for the first time, it won’t seem like such a mission.

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