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SubMercer, New York

99 Prince St

Manhattan, NY 10012


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Type (genre): Club, Exclusive Club, Hotel Bar, Lounge, Martini Bar, Pickup / Singles, Upscale
Music: 80s, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Dance/Electronic, Techno, Mash-up
Inside Info:
Status: Open
Parking: Street,
Bathroom Attendant
SubMercer New York, Venue Description

The brick-walled bar located under the Mercer Hotel is straight-up like something out of a movie. Intrepid barflies must pass through the tough door, walk through the black doors, after which you’ll take a freight elevator down one flight, open and close two sets of doors, walk through a wine cellar hallway, before finally opening the SubMercer door. Definitely this summer’s Beatrice, the tucked away lounge appeals to celebs who can relax on the leather couches as they sip their expensive cocktails in the dimly lit space.

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SubMercer New York

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