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The Roebuck, New York

130 Richmond Hill

New York, -- TW10 6RN


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Type (genre): 35+, Bar, Billiards / Gaming, Irish Pub, Neighborhood, Outdoors / Patio, Restaurant / Bar
Music: 80s, Top 40, Pop / Top 40, Rock
Inside Info:
Status: Open
The Roebuck New York, Venue Description

The Roebuck - The best way to enjoy The Roebuck is to actually step outside it. Patrons are invited to walk out the door with their pints, cross the street, and park themselves at one of the many benches facing the stunning Richmond Park (and yes, someone will come by to pick up the empties). It’s a bit like drinking in the middle of a Jane Austen period drama, but the park’s sweeping landscape is a lot nicer to look at than the uninspired framed art and crinkly regulars lurking inside the pub. The Roebuck’s been parked in this spot since 1749, and they’ve clearly found a formula that works: cold pints, hot food, unfussy decor. Modern amenities—insomuch as a jukebox that spits out ’80s hits can be considered ‘modern’—include a game machine and the requisite sports-broadcasting television, while a Sunday roast, a dogs-welcome policy, and gourmet dishes featuring fancy words like “pate” and “soufflé” round out the offerings.

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