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Koi, New York

40 W 40th St

Manhattan, NY 10018


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Type (genre): Restaurant / Bar, Upscale
Music: Lounge / Retro, Hip-Hop, Jungle / Drum 'n' Bass
Inside Info:
Status: Open
Koi New York, Venue Description

Koi - Let it be acknowledged that any high-end establishment in New York City that utilizes a statue of the Buddha for decorative means has made a vulgar design choice, if not a cynical one. Koi has a statute of the Buddha, tucked away behind the bar in a recessed area with candles and plants like some display case from the Museum of America’s Most Annoying Fads. Koi makes sense in Los Angeles, where it has been a great success, but in New York it is vaguely chic at best. The space is large and vacuous; its ceilings so high to create a girth of empty space that leaves the patrons underneath to ponder the nature of their own insignificance. Back on its terra firma, Koi is stuffed with lithe, glaze-faced would-be models carrying would-be designer shoulder bags. Or were those real models with real bags? One can’t say for certain.

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