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Miami’s Best Late Night Bites
Here are our picks for the top late night bites in Miami....
One of the most important decisions that you have to make on a night out is not only where you’ll be partying, but also what you’ll be digesting afterward to help you out the next morning. That’s right, late night bites are always on everyone’s mind when they step out of the club, lounge or bar, so...
CP Spotlight: Mansion Miami
Check out one of our top places to party and meet celebs....
Everyone makes their own top 10 lists. Top ten places to eat. Top ten places to shop. Well, here at Clubplanet we’re all about the nightlife. That’s why our lists are made up of only THE best places to go out for a date, a dance, and just damn good places to get drunk. When it comes to the top...
New York Rooftop Bars:The Year of the Rooftop
This summer is seeing a surge in New York rooftop bars and lounges....
[With additions by Naomi Baria, Annsley Chapman, and more] Outdoor gardens and sidewalk cafes might be suitable for brunch, but when it comes to warm weather drinking, New York rooftop bars are the city’s crown jewels. Anybody who lays claim to a pulse, some cash and a functioning liver has likely...
Top Five Clubs for Ditching a Bad Date
Where to pull a fast one. ...
-Navani Otero Dating in New York City is always full of what ifs. What if the person is ugly in person, what if they don’t show up, what if it doesn’t workout. Then again what if it does? Some dates not only go well, but they last the entire day! Like one person can’t get enough of a good thing and...
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