Exclusive Interview with Sean Vanin

by Marc Jay

Everybody knows that when you come to Las Vegas, you need to book a good hotel. If you’re fortunate enough to have the right budget, you could book a nice suite. If you’re really fortunate, then I’ve found the most incredible place for you. It’s called 2810 and it’s a private resort, which has just been opened by a friend of mine. The 60,000-square-foot space has nine bedrooms, and it is now up for rent on weekends or for private parties. Today I’m lucky enough to be here with Sean, the owner of the house.

Marc Jay: So I’ve just arrived at this incredible house, tucked away in the heart of Las Vegas. Sean, the owner of it is here with me to talk about the place which has just been launched today. It’s a house where you can do almost anything. Tell us about your project and this beautiful house.

Sean Vanin: Well basically, I acquired the property because I was so drawn to the trees. The space has 300 mature palm trees and so I thought that it would be beautiful to have pools running through all of these trees. One of the most difficult things is trying to get trees next to the water, but the last owner had built retaining walls right up to the trees so one thing led to another. I started building this property with just an amazing yard, like a casino, and because the economy wasn’t really good, there were casino-type companies available to do that work. From that point on our friends and different people would come and would just start saying, “You have to make it like a resort.” It just turned into a resort and every time we did something we tried to just think outside the box and just make it really amazing, whether it was the master bedroom or a champagne hot tub. Everything had to be something that you really wanted, and I thought to myself, well some people might want a champagne tub, and I thought that was cool, so we did it. So now we have a champagne tub designed to run off champagne and mineral water or carbonated water. The sand on our beaches is from Malibu. We brought in the beach and went through the whole thing where I had to go down there and had to deal with the city because I wanted their sand and they didn’t want to give me my sand. It was one big adventure of just dealing with designers and just creating, but because I wasn’t doing it for anyone else, it was really to have a good time. It was all about being creative.

Marc Jay: As most people know, when you go to a nice hotel, you’re lucky enough if you get 300-square-feet, maybe if you want to upgrade you may get a 2,000-square-feet, but the most you can get is about 4,000 here in Vegas, and it gives you a half-decent room. The place we’re standing in now is a 60,000-square-foot spot with nine bedrooms. This is truly a new way of coming to Vegas and experience Vegas almost like, I consider it the rat-pack days when people would come and it’s an experience unlike anywhere else. How did you come up with this concept and tell us about the house itself and what’s inside.

Sean Vanin: The concept kind of developed by people coming in here and assuming that’s what is was – a resort – so that’s how the concept happened. What’s in here is just the ability to really have a party. Even though everything is really expensive, things are durable. We were careful about how things were done. I wanted to have really cool features that I had seen before or even if I hadn’t seen them, I wanted them, if that makes sense. For example, the master should have had a strip pole but I like the idea that it was a power pole, one that you could just pull a switch and a strip pole will come down from the ceiling. That made so much sense to me, just like the rotating bed or a huge hot tub. I had companies bring in two other hot tubs, but every time they brought one in, it looked embarrassing compared to $140,000 pool, so eventually we had to just keep making it bigger until it finally made sense. We had to restructure the whole room to accommodate this huge—I don’t even know how many gallons that hot tub is. All I know is that it runs on two pumps and we had to custom make it.

Marc Jay: I think that’s the first bathtub that could fit 15 people. It’s going to be a lot of fun. So as we’re standing in the master bedroom, we’ve got the rotating bed and I’ve also notice there is a mirror above it. This is obviously your total VIP experience.

Sean Vanin: Yes. I wanted this room to make someone feel like they really are in a master bedroom. It had to be as good, if not better, than any top hotel and you had to feel like it was nothing like your house, just very exotic. I wanted to have lots of electronics, lots of TVs, lots of modern lounges and just stones, glass, just all the right finishes, so that was really important. I always pictured the ultra-chic.

Marc Jay: The amount of stone and marble in this place is tremendous. Where did you acquire all of this from?

Sean Vanin: Well, some things we had to ship out because you just can’t get them, and the options just don’t match. Other things had to be custom made, for example this curved vanity section. You can’t have stone curved like that because it’s designed to curve outwards, so every one of those pieces had to be chiseled in the back to be able to curve. Everyone thought I was crazy, the people that were going to install it, because they said we’re going to have to grind the back of each one of these rocks, but that’s the only way I could see it working, and it works. So certain things we had to create, certain things we just got from other countries, and certain things had to be from a certain place, like our black stones. They all came from Maui. Luckily there were distributors, and then the beach, so for things like that we just had to be patient.

Marc Jay: It’s amazing to be me though, looking at the pool, no? It feels like I’m actually at a hotel, because there’s like four or five different pools. There’s a bridge, there’s a wishing well, there’s a Jacuzzi, there’s a stage, there’s a gazebo… it really feel like you’re in a real hotel but the whole house is for yourself. You mentioned the sand; you actually bought the sand in from Malibu yourself?

Sean Vanin: Yes. Basically I went on a road trip to Malibu and realized that it’s just so difficult because of the regulations there, so I ended up just staying. I stayed for three days, but one way or another we managed to make a deal and we just got a big load which we then had to wash. I didn’t know what it was going to cost to do all of this and I probably wouldn’t have done it if I had known. All I knew was that it made sense to have a beach there, and I didn’t understand why people don’t put in real sand beaches. So, I started having it made and then when it was time to actually make it, I got the reality check from these pool companies. Really, technically, they told me that we had to built a massive aquarium to have the sand beach, so that was a $250,000 system. I didn’t know that’s what was involved but it was too late at that point and I didn’t want to have a sand box right next to my pool. Anyway, one way or another, we just did it and I just love it because the beach is adjustable. I can change my rake on it, the angle, I can change how much wet beach, how much dry beach and I can change my curve, so I can have like an “S” beach, so that was really special. At the end of the day, it was all just being creative.

Marc Jay: When you come here, you have your own butler on call, you have your own chef, and you’ve got a security guard… you get more services here than at any other hotel, it’s like almost your own hotel for the weekend.

Sean Vanin: That’s exactly what it is. You see, I wanted it to be a situation where somebody can do everything a la carte, basically they would say, “I want to have my Lamborghini outside, a stretch limo out there and you’re going to have Wolfgang puck and you’re going to have a couple of other chefs, all on call.” You want full-time, part-time, you want 10 waitresses – whatever it is that you want, we’ve got it. You want bartenders, you want to have a Playboy model come and teach you how to play poker, you want another one play video games with you, you have this house to set it all up and your assistant just basically goes and works everything out. Everyone just gets scheduled in and then when you show up, your limo picks you up, you have your own resort experience and your privacy. You have your own keys, and that’s how I wanted it – a way for someone to really have their own rules, they can decide what they want to do. They are the owner of that casino for that weekend.

Marc Jay: It’s amazing. I think all that’s missing is gaming in here, and then it’d literally be your own casino. And how far are we from the airport? Literally five minutes, is it?

Sean Vanin: Two-and-a-half miles from the airport and four-and-a-half-miles from The Strip.

Marc Jay: Literally, you can be with everyone within 10 minutes, so it’s really in the heart of Las Vegas. I know people can also rent this out for special events, like weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, and private affairs – is that something you’re going to be doing?

Sean Vanin: As long as it’s really private, and as long as it’s exclusive. It’s not going to be for everybody, but for the people who want to do that, yeah for sure.

Marc Jay: If they have the right event, how do they find you and where do they look up this property online?

Sean Vanin: Well, the website is at the2810.com, and has all the details and contact information, and we’re always upgrading the pictures on different things we’re doing. I think I’m going to be working on this property for another two years because there are so many things that I still want to do. I want to have a recording studio here and things like that, just so that if they decide they want to record something, it’s available.

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