Make a Spectacle: Glasses Necklaces

Make a Spectacle: Glasses Necklaces

by Clubplanet


Move over cheerleaders: myopic, absent-minded girls are finally getting a break! Glasses necklaces—those jewelry chains that our mothers, teachers, and librarians attached to the ear pieces of their bifocals—are coming back in style. As librarian-inspired trends have girls digging out their mom’s secretary dresses from the back of the closet, these hallmarks of buttoned-up shushers everywhere have become more than utilitarian accessories of ladies who lose their glasses.  Luckily, the days of matronly chains are well behind us, and the current incarnations add a youthful, irreverent element to any indie girl’s outfit.  The brighter chains make spotting your glasses easier when you’re groping around your nightstand in a half-blind stupor. 

We girls at Clubplanet rounded up our favorite lens leashes, bifocal baubles, and tortoise-shell tethers for your—ahem—viewing pleasure.

This is as old-school as it gets: a twisted silver band that matches your boyfriend’s class ring. Stylish girls who value authenticity over irony will appreciate the simple refinement of this chain.
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Susan Domelsmith’s recycled vintage chains bring a cerebral, understated elegance to any look. Her lovely cats-eye glasses come with your pick of silver, black and white, or (our favorite) a blinged-out gold leash.
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Snappy yellow butterflies offer a summery, antique flair that compliment a pair of too-harsh Buddy Holly specs.
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Inspired by the iconic lead singer of Pulp-and say what you will about Jarvis Cocker, the man has serious style—these glasses are sort of awesome in this that they don’t have ear pieces to make them stay on, so you have to put on your ultra-serious face while balancing these on your nose to peruse the card catalogue.
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Straddling the line between girly and grandma-chic, the green and brown crystals add colorful flair beyond the standard gold and silver chains.
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Both the bright red plastic heart and the ice cream cone decal add a unique touch for any near-sighted lady hunting for a retro accessory, and they’re eye-catching enough to make them easy to spot from across the room.
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Class it up: this Etsy designer cites an interest in biology as the inspiration for beading together freshwater pearls to create this elegant tether.
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We love the bold combination of green, turquoise, yellow, and brown from this DIY designer.
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If the dainty, girly chains are too twee for your tastes, these thick gold ropes are perfect for the tricked out geek.
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(second from the left, top row)

Don’t like any of the chains we found? Make your own!
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