Nightshot: Lisa at Origine

by Sharon Feiereisen

[ Lisa, Origine]

Clubplanet: Where are you from?

Lisa Santos: San Diego, but I’ve lived on the East Coast for almost 12 years now.

CP: Are there differences in the way San Diego and New York people dress to go out?

Lisa Santos: Yes. As a general rule, I’d say that people in San Diego dress skimpier.  Not because San Diegans are less classy, but because of the year-round great weather, the beach, etc.  It’s almost like when you’re there, it’s okay to dress as if you could walk onto the beach at any moment.

CP: Has your style changed since moving to New York?

Lisa Santos: I guess living in New York has just magnified my style. It’s probably because of all the great shopping everywhere. If you’re looking for something specific, you can find it, and you don’t have to compromise.   

CP: Can you give us the rundown on what you’re wearing?

Lisa Santos: I’m wearing a bubble dress. I can’t figure out if it’s dark grey or navy blue, but I decided to go with blue tonight.  I threw on a navy wool v-neck sweater to be a little more conservative, and I’m carrying a red and gold lambskin clutch for some spice.  I’m also wearing a pretty big watch that’s like, nautical themed or something.

CP: What's your most treasured article of clothing?

Lisa Santos: I’d have to say that it’s my leather jacket that I got in Florence from a guy named Fabrizio who demonstrated how it was water-resistant and fireproof.  I got a really great price, and it’s perfect for the fall and early-to-late winter. Plus, it smells great.

CP: What’s your usual plan for the end of the night?

Lisa Santos: I like going to L’Express.  I usually get an omelet with French fries.  But, I have to say, I went there for dinner once, and the food is definitely way better après cocktails.

CP: Favorite pick-up line?

Lisa Santos: I just made one up the other day.  Wanna hear it?  “Are you a bad cook?  ‘Cause you’re smoking.” I’ll never use it, but you should try it and let me know how it goes (laughing).



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