The Telltale Tart: Big Gay Secrets (Ron Livingston? Mark Wahlberg?...)

Posted on 08.22.2007 12:04pm

In the daily pursuit of my so-called "glamorous life," I typically walk a thin line between being totally shocked or completely unsurprised by famous people. Take this week, for instance: A local bartender friend confided that my beloved Office Space actor Ron Livingston (who I recently bumped into on the street and chatted up) is actually gay. Gay? Yes, GAY. He frequently swings bi (sorry, bad pun) a neighborhood bar with his TV host boyfriend. Who knew? Certainly not I.

Though I often pride myself on having stellar gaydar, this one definitely threw me for a (fruit) loop. Even more so than the time my buddy Scrat told me that Mark Wahlberg was giving him the eye at a party. I felt all weirdly competitive about that because Marky-Mark hit on me once too!

Now, consider the possible hypocrisy of these two interview statements he gave after he approached me backstage at the Gotham Awards a few years ago. Stupid me didn't flirt back -- my secret nerd shined through and confessed I was a reporter, and could I interview him? Thank you so much.

Me: What's your New Year's resolution?

Mark: "I don't usually wait until the New Year. Throughout the year I'm constantly reevaluating myself, what I should and shouldn't be doing. Especially now that I have a child."


Me: And your favorite movie of 2004?

Mark: "The Passion of the Christ. I'm a serious Catholic, so it was very moving to me."

I think he was once an alter boy too. You know what that means!

But I digress. I remember being acutely aware of celebrity homosexuality from a very early age. While all my middle school girl friends were hanging up George Michael posters on their bedroom walls, I was wondering whose sex he really wanted in "I Want Your Sex." I also had a nickname for the Wham! song "Careless Whisper" -- I used to call it "Ode to My Gay Lover." It's not that I was prejudiced, I was merely precocious. Ask anyone who knows me. Oh wait...

Similarly, my reaction to former teen stars who've recently come out, such as Doogie Howser/Neil Patrick Harris and boyband-er Lance Bass was a big ol' yawn. But secretly, I've always hoped that Justin Timberlake would expose his big gay secret. Of course he hasn't -- and probably never will -- sigh. I've just never really been attracted to J.T. -- even when I learned he was a total stoner. Still, when my girl friend (who coincidentally once hooked up with Lance!) offered me a free ticket to his MSG show last week, how could I resist? I was sufficiently impressed by his performance, but felt a strange sadness for Britney Spears in the midst of it. Personally, I'm convinced she's had a schizophrenic break and needs serious therapy. Is there a branch of psychiatry that specifically deals with celebrity narcissism and neuroses? I think some sheister doctor/guru should start a special clinic.

On a side note, I must admit that I enjoyed all those tabloid stories this past year about Brit making out with her female assistants and strippers and what not. ABC News hit the nail on the head with this sexy article. Marilyn Monroe and Madonna dabbled with dames; I even read somewhere on "the blogs" that Madonna's rejection of Brit Brit after their infamous MTV Awards kiss is what initially caused the former teen popstar's downward spiral. Also, I know for a fact that Christina Aguilera supplements her marriage with a side of pussy...

Cats! They were the animals of the moment at the "Meow Mix Cat Acatemy" on Monday night. Singer Kat DeLuna clever... while Top Model winner Caridee English, Sopranos star Vincent Pastore aka Big Pussy (teehee!) and E.W.O.R.S. (ex-wife of Rod Stewart) Rachel Hunter swung by the party for some cat 'n mouse games. I was psyched to see the former supermodel stuffing her face with tuna tar tar toasts and mini paninis. See, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue babes are just like Us!

Finally, the most shockingly weird part of my week -- besides opting to NOT get naked with Mr. Burns the weekend before his wedding (OK, it's been a long-time fantasy of mine to screw up the impending nuptials, but I guess his new eyeglasses turned me off or something) -- was my visit to a walk-in Botox clinic called Smooth Med. I never imagined myself considering Botox injections, but there I was getting a tour of the facility for an upcoming article, and suddenly I found myself wondering, "Could injecting poison into my hips disguise my cellulite?" I'm terrified of going under the knife (or vacuum), and would never consider it for my face, but smoothing out those pesky fatty dimples would be a dream come true. I was too embarrassed to ask, so if any of you kiddies happen to know, feel free to comment below. Gracias.



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it dosent matter
it doesnet matter if your gay or not you will still have a life and work e.c.t s0 it doesnt matter by the way remember there are still gay actors and stuff so yeah
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yes he is gay go on this web siet im live .com me and him kissed [sorry mark but its true] + i was the guy saying f@#% me remember now
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Mark wahlberg is gay.
Mark wahlberg is sooo gay! i'm gay and my gaydar never fails. In every single movie he has done he sounds really feminine. The pronunciation of the "S" in words is really of a gay man and correct me if i'm wrong but, wasn't he in prison when he was young? and is there where he got that amazing body?... I think he did a lot of workout there... and maybe with a bit of help of his little friends...
Girls always say: He's not gay becouse he's married and have 3 kids. So what??? Many gay man are married and have kids. I think he tried to left his homosexual feelings behind and now he is "straight". Bur the truth is he's gay or at least bisexual. Of course he would deny it forever and ever now that he is a family man.
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This is a hoax...
And a particularly nasty and disturbing one at that. "Mittonz," "nick baker," "bubble," "wendyjames," and "cheekymonkey" below are all actually the perpetrator. Details here:

Perhaps it's time to stop allowing unregistered commenters?
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shut up plinky!
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had dinner with bob boys .. we think it's horse sh-t
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lee ans ron are together. lee dennison does have an imdb listing dumbass!!
and hes with ron - check out GQ magazine for full interview - bubble obviously pissed off that ron and lee are together. jealous maybe? and as for danny dyer? lee and danny have been mates for years thats all. do yr homework!
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Re: none
dumbass has done their homework. there is no imdb listing for lee dennison. there's a picture of a slightly chubby bald bloke and a list of casting credits that don't check out on this website though. If men are his thing, Ron could do better.
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Ron Livingston...
may or may not be gay, I have no idea. But 'Lee Dennison' does not appear to exist, except as somebody's elaborate fantasy. Not so elaborate that this apparently successful casting director has an imdb listing or indeed any professional-seeming internet presence. He is mainly mentioned by anonymous posters on threads suggesting he's shacked up with Ron Livingston. Or Danny Dyer. (!) Hmmm.
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Saw Livingston yesterday ...
... in a store in Los Feliz. He was with his boyfriend, daughter and dog. Cute family.
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Was at an intimate cafe bar the other week in LA and saw Ron and Lee getting on very well:) They looked very relaxed. Well done guys.
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damm ron being gay - such a cute guy but hey good luck to them for keepoing things quiet - they make a nice couple and ron seems totally smitten with lee xx
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yep ron is gay!
he was in london recently with this lee dennison bloke and i think lee has worked with him afew times according to website - they both looked good together as it goes and very relaxed - maybe cause apart from band of brothers and sex in the city ron is not huge in the UK - they were seen and photographed at shadow lounge in london. nice one ron
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ron is gay
thats a well known fact - hes actually been dating casting director lee dennison (london bloke) for a few years now - both been seen together in LA and London
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Super thanks for asking!
Its really depressing me that Livingston is gay. But wait a minute, he was in Band of Brothers...i think he was trying to tell us something. And all you misty haters, the reason I read her blog is because she's so opinionated and sassy. When i want a cut and dry, unbiased reporting I'll go to cnn. But you can't get this kind of crazy ish from Wolf Blitzer. And nobody wants to hear about Wolf getting hit on by Larry King at last year's hanukah party. Its more fun to read a tell-all, exaggerated biography then a text book, and this site is all about entertainment, so enjoy it peeps.
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bi bi bi
all celebrities are part gay. it's because they're so narcissistic, they can't resist anyone who's in love with/attracted to them! misty isnt a celebrity so i'm not sure what her excuse is.
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Come come now
Miss Rios, do yourself a favor and toss out that self-congratulatory tone. "..he approached me," "Marky Mark hit on me"... How is anyone to believe in your credibility when your fragile ego overshadows all your material? Rather than sounding like a pop pundit, you come off as that fawning fat girl from eighth grade who couldn't wait to have a seat at the cool kids table. I think the Learning Annex is offering some classes in gossip journalism. Look it up.
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Re: Come come now
well she already admitted to having cellulite, so to insinuate she's fat is redundant. no?

also most girls would brag about marky-mark hitting on them i think. it's funnier that her guy friend (is he gay misty?) claims the same thing. i never heard anything about him being gay, or ron livingston. or cuba (frombelow). but i could see justin timberlake being a secret closet case!!
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gay day
wasn't cuba gooding just outed too?
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Peter Gibbons gay?
No, that can't be. Nooooo... I'll never be able to watch Office Space the same again.
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