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bad news, not a good spot.
Weebles is located at 3725 N. Shadeland Ave, right next door to a seedy motel where you can pick up an eight-ball of crack, a hooker, and maybe even get mugged all in one stop. Despite the best efforts of management, they just can't seem to keep out the riff-raff. Worse still, they tend to treat every black person who enters through the door, like they are a vagrant crackhead.

The bathrooms are disgusting, I mean really disgusting. If you didn't have to puke BEFORE you entered the men's room, there's a good chance that you will puke before you leave the men's room.

I and many (just about everyone I knew there) other people have had numerous incidents where we suspected we were cheated on our tabs.. we got together and verified it many times, and complained to the management. Honest mistakes happen sometimes, but this was common place between the three of us, was $60-$120 a night (total just us three).

My friend Deena went there recently, and is pretty sure that one (and she isn't sure which) of two guys slipped something into her drink. Fortuantely she was able to operate her cellphone and get a friend to come rescue her. She slept for three days after the fact.

My friend Tammy also had a similar experience, where she had vague memories of a guy driving her and her car to a parking lot, then another guy showed up, putting her in the backseat, taking advantage of her while she couldn't move, and leaving her there. She woke up in the back seat of her car, otherwise unharmed.

I myself, and at least one other person that I know personally, have inadvertently taken home off-duty prostitutes from this bar (we learned of their occupation after the fact) and we were devastated. My friend was at least wise enough to have 'wrapped it up'. I had to go to the clinic to get checked out.

Car break-ins and petty theft are pretty common there as well, occurring 1-2 times per month.

As a person who drank there for years (I lived close by and had a tight-nit circle of friends there, and we got some entertainment value out of the riff-raff and such), I can tell you that you should be very careful if you choose to go there. There are some interesting characters that used to come in there, but I see most of them in other bars regularly, and they say the place is even worse than when I used to drink there, so most of the interesting people I met there don't even go there anymore.

If you are feeling adventurous, I encourage you to check it out, but definitely not a place to take a date or host a party.

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