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Why does this place smell like a shoe?
Not so much
Not what it used to be.
club vogue is the coolest place the bouncers are awesome tetro and mike are cool a hell papa is funny as f@#% and dwayne is cool the dancers are amazing the ones i personally like are joey, lucy, dalia. and aliah so go there and ask for them and they will treat u right the staff is awesome and its a good invironment to go and chill
club vogue?
Do the dancers get fully naked? And what are the private dances like?
I love my Job!!
I am a dancer or "unicorn" as I call us at club vogue.
The management here is awesome! Our boss works very hard to make sure that all of us are very happy and our security is very good at their job!
So happy dancers = happy strippers!
Come See Us!
an evening with a goddes
pamala is the hotest woman i have ever laid eyes on she gives new meaning to the work perfection i just wish it would have never ended lol hope she looks me up on craigslist under missed connections lol yeah right i wish well pam you were/are/and always will be the hottest woman to me thanks once more for the loveing evening take care sexy
This club was amazing, I took my girlfriend and the girls were super nice and gave us plenty of friendly attention and the attention given in the VIP was even better! I would most definitely recommend this club to ANYONE
If you go on a Friday or Saturday night, you are likely to see some nice looking girls. Maybe even one or two who are gorgeous, it just depends. However, there is a reason that they have incentives Monday-Thursday, such as 10 dollar lap dances on Mondays and it's because the quality of girls is not nearly as good on those days. So if you go, make sure it's on a weekend.
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