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Not that I am holding my breath, but . . .
I base my review as a customer who only frequents Breathless on Saturday afternoons. I can't make it weekend evenings when the club must be busiest.

After not going to go-go bars for close to fifteen years, about a year ago I sampled Breathless and a few other New Jersey gentlemen’s clubs. Breathless was the best, between some nice dancers (several are always on stage) and bartenders I met. Another plus for Breathless: With its location at the end of a dead end street, someone (as in your wife) won't be driving by and see you or your car outside the club.

In the 15-odd years I was away from go-go bars, there are four changes I noticed upon my return, all regarding the dancers:

1. Far more foreign girls now dance, and there are more chubby dancers than in my 1980-90s go-go days;

2. The dancers don't strip down, instead taking the stage already wearing just thong bikinis;

3. They now offer lap dances; and

4. The dancers hit up customers for tips instead of waiting for the guys to offer. Each circles the bar, stops at each customer's spot, swings her bottom in his face, and expects a dollar. And a girl may come up to you more than once. As I understand, guys call this "the dollar parade."

Number 4 is my greatest objection, as I would rather tip the girls I like more than a just a buck, but with the girls I don't like putting the bite on me, the aforementioned girls I like get less from me. Were the dancers to wait until customers offer a tip, I'd probably give the ones I like a $5 bill and ask the ones I really like for a lap dance, which at Breathless costs $20 for maybe five minutes with the dancer shaking it just for you.

As the management of Breathless and other go-go bars permit the dancers to do that dollar parade, I'm guessing the girls have to kick back a percent of their take to the establishment. They might even be under pressure to collect a certain amount. But that's just my guess. I'd prefer to pay a reasonable ($10) cover charge, as long as the dancers will wait for me to offer tips. But I'm not holding my breath. Until the dancer dollar parade makes guys stop going to Breathless and other go-go bars, I don't see why the girls will stop asking for money before we offer.

With less local competition (two Linden go-go bars and one in Carteret bit the dust in the 15 years I was away), Breathless's only rival is Cheeques in Linden. In other words, Breathless is probably here to stay. I wish I could stay longer, but the dollar parade exhausts my budget faster than I'd like. See you on a Saturday afternoon soon!
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