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guest list
is there a guest list & how do i get on it
so is there a guest list!!!!
El salsasero
better mixes needed that include salsa music ....classy
how do you get a job here
how do you get a job here
This place is OK , but I wish they play different music they play the same music every weekend if they play more tropical music
I think is going to be better.
what time does this place open on saturdays? and what time does it close?
what time does this place open? what time does it close? ON SATURDAYS?
I went to this club a few times. first time everything was amazing. 2nd time we were received by security telling first comers to park in the end. We went early to park near the entrance of course. However the fat security guard ended up being a straight up A-hole. my lady asked why we couldn't park close to the entrance and this A-hole started mimicking her. anyways we complained to the people inside and who knows what they did or if they ever did anything. 3rd time, my lady went with her friends and this time they were encountered by the same fat a$$ who told them to lower the music. now my car has standard factory speakers and it doesn't go boom boom at all. so my lady turns it down... she parks and lights up a cigarrete and this A-hole took it from her and threw it on the ground. Now, I'm not a saint but this has gone to far... I'm a drop out "criminal" and these kind of happenings make are what make it so hard to stay nice. get it? I mean we all know clubs are full of assholes but that's it. You complain and they are taken out. But when security has it against you. It becomes a dangerous situation for both. I think Palladium should put that 1 fat guard under review. The other guards are nice and do everything like it should be done. But this guy has a potential to pick on the wrong guy's girlfriend one day and.... I stopped going to this club cause I just get flared up. Eventually i went back and now I see he is more serious and doesn't even look up to mug people. Obviously he's had the talk. Anyways, inside. its all nice. a total of 4 rooms. with a table girl :D music is great and staff are fast!
Fidel rueda
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