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Fresh Meat
I have been going to zero gravity for about four years now to pick up girls. Friday nights used to be the best pick up night because the ratio was better and crowd younger. I have baited many young and fresh girls here. Last year they did an expansion and it is now a bar on friday nights which is really lame. I go on saturdays about once every two months or so. The foam parties are the best. Since girls are wearing less clothing, it feels much more realistic when you grind against them. Some of them really get into it. They wear skimpy clothing and the rear ends on some of these girls will make your mouth drop. The highlight of my zerogravity times was when I met this young brunette named Allie one night while at the club. She was the hottest girl there that night and I went for it and was rewarded. She had the nicest body and a perfect ass to grind on. To this day remains the hottest coed under 18 that I have ever hooked up with. We danced for awhile and she was all over my pole. Instead of dancing for awhile and then parting ways, she stayed with me and danced the entire night away. Her friends were waiting to leave but she wanted to stay with me. We were making out and feeling each other all up. Her body was so nice and her tits were huge for her age and body size. I was sucking on them in one of the booths. When she finally left we exchanged numbers and planned to meet up the next weekend for the foam party. Over the next week she mentioned to me that she wanted to f*ck me in the foam. I got really turned on by this and could not wait. When I went back to ZG, they searched me, and made me empty my pockets. Security took my condoms away and said they were not allowed in the club. I was pissed but when I saw her, I could not believe how hot she looked. All she was wearing was a push up bra and a tight little bathing suit bottom which showed off her perfect ass cheeks. I mentioned to her that I got my condoms confinscated but she told me that she was on birth control and preffered it raw anyways. It was so awesome. I don't think anyone noticed as I did her k9 position in the foam. I busted and then quickly reholstered my piece. When her friends left, she wanted to stay with me for the night. I ditched my friends as well and ended up renting a nice hotel room close by for the night. We got a bottle of alcohol and had sex all night until the sun came up. It was a lot of fun, I did her in every position and she had the nicest shaved twat, that was so tight it was mindboggling. We smoked weed and took shots of tequila. We were going to check out but we were both so spent we fell asleep in each others arms, naked until noon the next day. I woke up to her phone ringing and her mom was super pissed and calling every ten minutes. She was in deep s#*! and I quickly checked out and got her home. I dropped her off down the block from her house. She was still drunk and I gave her some coffee and breath mints to mask the odor. I don't think she is allowed at ZG anymore, lol. I watched with amusement as she got out of the car. She could hardly even walk and forgot to zip up the back of her skirt. I talked to her later and apparantly, when she got home, her mom saw her unzipped skirt and she told her everything. She is not allowed to go to ZG anymore and I no longer keep in contact but anyways... Some guys have more luck than others. Ever since the addition to the club, more people are coming. It can turn into a sausage feast as the ratio is getting a lot worse consistantly. People are also coming in cliques and the general crowd has gotten older. I will soon be too old to attend zg anymore, but I have had my share of fun with underage girls. I have also dated 3 additional women that I met here, as I enjoy girls a little bit younger than myself. Im 23, I prefer 18-20 range.
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