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thanks fiestymomma5. i really appreciate the positive feedback.
Since there is no listing of when we work, I'll just put it out there that generally I am booked every other week (mon-sat). Occasioanlly I flip-flop weeks so I could be on 2 and off 2. I will be there tomorrow (3/5) through the week tho. stop in and see me :) and the other lovely ladies!
you are an amazing dancer
crap....except for the annoying comment, that was the tia freak who was annoying. sigh to typing while tired.
by she below i mean the cute girl.
Some guy
Well if it was you yer a lil cutie. I live in another state and we were just in the town doing some conversion work. I was being stalked by that Tia chic that night. She was pretty annoying actually. I only vaguely remember a tat but not 100% sure. I do know she told me she learned her pole tricks online, lol, i laughed and didnt really think she was being serious. I also think she said she had a kid or 2. Anyway thats all i can really remember except for the girl. Im not a club frequenter but if i was in the state id go see her again, and maybe again, ha.
Possibly me? I'm married. Of course the cherry blossom tat is also a good identifier. Lol
In any case, if it was me, Thank you :) I'm here this week & next!
Some guy
I dont remember her name. She wore a wedding ring and i asked and she said she was married. I talked with her actually for about 45 mins. Even did a table dance for first time ever actually for me. she said she wasnt very exciting with them but she did just fine. I was with a buddy i work with and we were both out of state. Was a slow weekday night. Cute girl though and would hope she found or finds a classier place if thats what she wants to do for work. She got me and my buddy to watch her on the stage, got a lil tingle when she put dollar in my mouth and took it out with hers, lol.
some guy
Sorry I dont I wish I could remember. You know she wore a wedding ring and may have just been bsing when she said she was married. I talked with her for a while. Now its been a while. that was my first time in a club in many manh years. I'd never done a table dance so i did one with her. Haha she told me hers were boring but she did ok. I was with a guy i worked with and we were both from out of state. For that bar she was a cutie though and should go somewhere with more class.
Club Review
Hey Jeremy, who is the girl who is married there and younger? Do you know her name? I saw one there too that was married a few weeks ago and wondered if it was the same girl. You remember the name?
Strip Club Reviews Magazine
Poor lower quality club. There are a couple of decent looking girls. The decent include a younger married girl and a nice breasted girl a brother called thick. There are also some old run down ponies. Specifically a stripper named Tia. Buyer beware on this one as she carries a case of mononucleosis so you either stay away or stay highly protected. Shes very aggressive and will spit on you.
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