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Looking for another night at Heartbreakers SC Platium blond tila scars on her wearing hot boots........when you there again baby.?? Any one know about her..??

This place is a complete rip off!!! The strippers stole my husband and my best friends money and only one lap dance out of the deal!! ONE lapdance cost over a hundred dollars b/c the girls literally took advantage and arbitrarily took money by the confusing paper work you have to sign for credit card cash outs! Save your money, go to Platinum Plus instead!!!
Best club ive ever been to in the world. The girls are hott and i had a blast!!! GO TO HEARTBREAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm wondering about a stripper here...her name is josie..a friend of mine is talking to her and i was wondering if anyone knew anything about her?
Good actress you suck LOL more like your a f@#% moron who thinks she's good at acting! You ever thought maybe it's what's between your legs all beat up insides all hanging out! Make sure you shave those nipples and your chin before you go out tonight! Pasty white ass! So big now working for a titty bar in Columbia SC your gonna go far! 2 star rated hole in the wall! Wooohooo! Hey don't get mad Rachel cause I tell the truth! Do what u will I could f@#% care less. Don't call me anymore I don't care if your dieing in a ditch or getting gang banged bye half of Columbia! Live your life! Let me live mine!
Fake it??? Lmao yeah I got video that shows that's a lie! How many times I was scared to stick my d!@# in you with your genital warts! f@#% sick B*!(# ! I'm so bad then why did you keep comming back for more and cheating on your b/f damn must of been doing somthing right! Bye the puddles you would leave in my bed! So talk s#*! . Worn out stank STD infested gash between your legs! Sad plattinum bands you from there for having sex in the club! Bouncers need to worry about you f@#% the customers not the customers f@#% u! Small town hick from lugolff who can't keep her legs closed! Mother raised you well but then agian she's a crazy worthless cunt too! Heart breakers must be hard up to let such scum like you work there! Don't hate B*!(# ! Get a life!
To: "james'
yOU are so pathetic. Just a waste of sperm and egg. Dont know how many times i had to fake it...good thing im a good actress,,,,,
f@#% that place!
Yeah the place is kewl till they let some std infested whore i used to date Rachel Shell there serving drinks so with that said ill never go there or tell anyone to go there cause damn if they will hire her they will hire any slut off the street to work there!
the nelson special
wow!!! great deal! i busted at least 3 nuts, maybe 4....i was pretty f@#% up. 200 cash for the BEST ORGASM youve ever had
They have one big *#$$% bartender named Kristen Smith. That *&^*& gave me herpes. woke up the next morning burning like the twin towers. ill never sleep w another living being from a strip club!! UGH!
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