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truck driver
Truck driver
If you have never been to the body shop then you have no right to talk about it. The ladys are very nice to all customers and talk to you and dance for you. Some people who go into mens dance clubs think they can do anything they want. That is not how it works. If you show them the respect they want and desirve they will treat you with the same respect. It is not an easy job to do as a dancer and take off you clothes for everyone to see your naked body. I have a lot of respect for the ladys at the body shop. I have always been treated with respect and always had a great time. Dont listen to otherswho think they know what it is like in the body shop check it out for yourself. Be respetfull and have fun. All you need to do is follow the rules that are in place to prptect you and the dancers.
scum city
bring a body condom if yo ugo here. it's nasty.
Do not waste your time
Pure white trash at best, Nazi Low Rider hang out at worst. Code words can get you "tina" or cbj-nqns.
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