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This place is ass
They should rename this place the Sh$t bowl, it sucked ass, I would have rather rubbed sandpaper on my D&ck, first off you have to have a sleeved shirt, then they charged 7 bucks and only take cash (who keeps 7 dollars in their wallet) once you got in you here the DJ threaten someone to knock people out. The only people there are fat wales, the music sucked, a bunch of country blumpkins the lights were on, I would rather get my bottom two ribs taken out and suck my own d$ck
Safe or not
Is the Yellow rose In the good part of Dayton? I would like to check it out. Prior military here and went country dancing every Sat over in Germany. Trying to find my new home :)
yes they still offer line dancing lesson on friday nights. myra, wear what you feel comfortable and hot in. sexier the better if you wanna get hit on.
Does anyone know if they still offer line dancing lessons?
I am about to turn 18 and I cannot wait to go to the Yellow Rose...what do people wear to this club?
college night
on college night, do you get free admission with college id?
can someone tell me if their is a dress code or anything like that at yellow rose and does it cost to ride the bull
Good times
Ive only been there twice, and i rather enjoyed my time.. there is a big verity of types of people at the bar and on the floor. They crank the jams for what seems like hours on saturday nights but they usually start the hiphop/rap/dance a little before 12 or at 12. Thursday nights are thirsty thursday and usually ladies night or college night at the same time. Im not going to say some of the people on the floor arent trashy nor are their always the best dancers on the floor. Some of the employees arent the nicest, BUT for 3 dollars, it beats the movies, a regular bar or just sitting at home on your arse! Its 3 dollars if your 21 and up, 7 for 18-21. Its not a perfect nightclub, theres always gonna be crowds, idiots who start fights, drinks spilt by drunks, and songs you dont care for but if you come with a group of your friends it is most def a place to make your own. Me and my girls killed it when we went and ignored the idiots and danced with the awesome people that were there! Prices on drinks arent bad at all and id recommend it most defiently! oh and they have a mechanical bull too :)
how much is it to get in on saturday?
They dont kick you out for no reason. They will not mess with you unless you give them a reason to. Or if you mess with one of the regular's. They do NOT do 10/1 you dumb for that. A lot of the bouncers are big but they will do 1/1 only. UNLESS there is a greater reason for 2/1.

Im there every weekend. Some Thursday's but every Friday and Sat. Fights are most common on sat. But its still really fun.

Thurs: Hip Hop/Rap All Night
Friday: Country till 12am Then Mixed (Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance Mixes)
Sat: Country till 12 am Then Mixed (Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance Mixes)
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