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I'm a dancer!
I just want to let everyone know that this place is called Eden now, there are new owners, plus GREAT & NEW looking girls. =D Stop in and check it out.
Not worth it
Went there recently, Its not full nude as there website stated. Could not enjoy a "private" dance with the bouncer standing at the door looking straight at us the whole time. Might as well have paid for a floor dance instead. They also force you to buy a drink, and there were only a handful of girls (only one which was attractive), and they took breaks after every song. Everyone was nice, but it was a weird non-sexual vibe like they forgot it was a strip club.
im a host there
hey guys im a host at the bunny ranch and i just wanted to get the word out that we have new owners and we have done some remodeling and every one should check it out or check out our web page at its worth a look
i loved the club when i had hard time i want there to hang out let the girls come over me if you need a girl to work let me no i go work there anyday i be moving back to tucson
wat a trip
I was on my way back from phoenix down to sierra vista, when i said u kno wat i think i'll go to the bunny ranch. thought yea i'll stay in here for a hour or so spend maybe 30-40 bucks. nooooope didn't go down like that. turned a few girls down then saw this girl cloe, was like wow i gotta get her. well they had a 2 for 1 dance and sum other guy snatched her up but lucky me this girl named ivoy got me covered. and boy let me tell u wat, she was amazing i spend 120 bucks and it was all on her. and definitley worth it. she talked to me and actually paid attention to wat i was saying. vip was kinda run down with the furniture but trust me when she started i did not give a f@#% !! bunny ranch is a good place but the cover was waaaay to much and the drinks are over priced by far. also the bouncer watchin vip, pissed me off becuz while i'm sittin there spending money to get this girl he's sittin there talkin to her which ofcourse drew her attention away. if i was the owner i'd tell my security to not talk to the girls while they are satisfying a customer. and it wasn't about club related issuess like me touching her or nuttin it was bout sum chic he wanted to get hooked up with. she still did her thing tho and satisfied me but on his behalf thats just straight disrespect for ur customers.
Just got back from a great night at the Ranch. The girls were great! The cover and drink was annoyingly expensive but more then worth it. The VIP area is a little run down but who is looking at the furniture when you have some of the hottest girls in Tucson rubbing against you :)
good times
cover charge and drink alone are almost $20 but it was worth it. nearly all the girls are hot and really energetic. just make sure to bring plenty of cash, the rooms upstairs are $30 minimum and floor dances are $10.
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