The Best Songs to Make You Feel High

The Best Songs to Make You Feel High

by Marcos Colón

Best Song to Make You Feel High
Malibu - (Jamie Jones Music Night Mix)

Anyone who's with the Crosstown Rebels crew is cool with us. After all, they do manage to produce-head turning music each and every year at an alarming rate, but they do it with the same ingredients that automatically let anyone know that you're listening to a Crosstown Rebels' track. Jamie Jones really cuts this original track up and puts signature style on it.

Best Song to Make You Feel High
Birds & Souls - Birds & Souls

If you're in the club and really looking for to a song that takes your "mood" to that next level, there's nothing like having some repetitious vocals to help you out. On this track by "Birds & Souls," the phrase "I Can't Get Enough," is repeated over and over again. Once the bassline kicks in midway, we start feeling like we can't get enough of the track.

Best Song to Make You Feel High
Northern Exposure - Sasha & Digweed
For all you Sasha and Digweed fans, this one's a real classic. If you're looking for a true musical journey from start to finish while you're on your "mental relaxation" time, putting on Northern Exposure puts you on a trip that's similar to the one Frodo Baggins went on. We're not sure what Sasha and Digweed were thinking when they put this together, but we sure as hell can already imagine what kind of mindset they were in.

Best Song to Make You Feel High
Who's Afraid of Detroit - Claude von Stroke

Cool, sleek, sexy, dark, groove. Those are the five words that can typically describe what Claude von Stroke's breakout track "Who's Afraid of Detroit," is all about. The deep and evil chuckle that spreads throughout the track is a nice touch as well.

Best Song to Make You Feel High
Grindhouse - Radioslave (Dubfire Mix)

This was THE track of Winter Music Conference in 2008, but it's still a hit every time it's played in the club. Give Dubfire any track and he'll put his dark and bass heavy gloomy groove in it. This one definitely belongs in a horror movie.

Best Song to Make You Feel High
Fever Express - George Acosta
George Acosta is one guy that definitely knows how to put together a solid dance track. He's still turning out great hits, but this older breaks gem really takes us back to the days when breaks ruled the airways in the EMD.

Best Song to Make You Feel High
Fibonacci Sequence - BT
The very talented producer BT has released some of the most impressive work in electronic music to date. His sound is more on the breaks side, but he does manage to crank out some house and techno among other things.

Best Song to Make You Feel High
Inca - Minilogue
It's simple, it's catchy and it's techno. Those are three things that we absolutely love about EDM. Minilogue seems to put those three ingredients together all the time for their tracks, but with Inca there's a bit of a darker mood in play.

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