Interview with DJ Twisted

by Marc Jay

Marc Jay: I’m going to take it a bit underground now and introduce you to a very new DJ to America. He’s racking up a big storm back in London town and his name is DJ Twisted. So, I know you’ve recently moved to Vegas and you’ve been playing on the West Coast, but let’s go back a bit. I know you’re kind of young, tell us how you got started in the DJ world.

DJ Twisted: I started off in my friend’s bedroom when I was 14. We used to play garage—that’s what we used to call it in London—house and garage and a bit of drum ‘n bass. Now I’ve stepped up from there, moved to America, and I’m trying to make it big out here. It’s working at the minute, but I need to get out there a bit more, I reckon.

Marc Jay: So Vegas, to me, always seemed to be more of a hip-hop town, and obviously you play house music and vocal house music. How have you come to find it so far?

DJ Twisted: It’s going well. A lot of people like house music. The energy and the vibe is a bit different from hip-hop. We need more of the people coming to Vegas to listen to house… and all around the world. Hopefully soon it’ll be big in Vegas.

Marc Jay: I know you picked up a gig at Azure Pool this summer. I saw you there and you were kicking up a storm every Saturday and Sunday. How was that residency for you?

DJ Twisted: Azure Pool was really good—the vibe was really good, the people… You get people coming from all over America to hear you play and you meet different people. The energy was really good and the people—fantastic.

Marc Jay: How does playing in Ibiza or London compare to playing in Vegas?

DJ Twisted: Las Vegas is a party city. Everybody comes here to have a party, get wasted and just meet new people and have fun.

Marc Jay: What DJs do you like at the moment? What guys are you listening to, playing their tracks?

DJ Twisted: Erick Morillo is really good… Swedish House Mafia… Tiesto’s bringing some stuff out… Paul Van Dyk is one of them… DJ Vice is a good DJ as well.

Marc Jay: So you say you started when you were 14. How old are you now?

DJ Twisted: I’m 26.

Marc Jay: So you’ve been DJing for a little over 10 years. How has the craft changed? Were you always using Serato? Were you using records before? In what way has DJing moved forward in the last 10 years?

DJ Twisted: Back in the day I used to carry records over my shoulder in backpacks to gigs with my friends. Now it is all a computer, Serato and two blank vinyls. Basically just carry your laptop, two needles, two vinyls and you’re ready to go.

Marc Jay: What advice would you give to a 14 or 15-year-old who is interested in becoming a successful DJ like yourself?

DJ Twisted: I would just say get your head down, start producing while you’re young, and just keep rocking out.

Marc Jay: So, I’m in the back of the car with you now on the way to a photo shoot for your new CD, DJ Twisted: Funky House Mix. We’re going to the middle of the desert, and it’s like 110 degrees--it’s kind of an unusual location.

DJ Twisted: Yeah, it’s very crazy, different from London, very hot out here.

Marc Jay: And you’re making a music video as well, at Azure?

DJ Twisted: Yep. It should be good fun.

Marc Jay: What’s going to happen in 2011 for DJ Twisted? Where do you see yourself? What gigs do you have lined up? Where would you like to be spinning?

DJ Twisted: Hopefully a lot around America. I’ve got some more work lined up, but I’m not going to tell you at this minute; I don’t want to get your hopes up, but soon to be taking over.

Marc Jay: And will you be back at Azure Pool?

DJ Twisted: Hopefully, I sure will be.

Marc Jay: So you’re here for another month and then you’re flying back to London. Where will you be for the New Year?

DJ Twisted: I think I’ll be in the West End or near the Waldorf Hotel, or maybe the Dorchester—it’s in Park Lane. My friend and I are doing a special there.

Marc Jay: What’s your next stop after London?

DJ Twisted: I’m going to try and make it to Europe. I’ve got some plans, but I have to see what’s going on.

Marc Jay: What is your most memorable experience in DJing in any city around the world?

DJ Twisted: Well, I played in festivals with my friend—I played a couple of tracks and he was headlining the main stage. That was quite amazing–seeing 50,000 people dancing to his music, all having fun, feeling the energy.

Marc Jay: So when you’re up in the DJ booth in front of 50,000 people, what does that feel like? That must feel kind of crazy.

DJ Twisted: Oh, it’s definitely really nice. People jumping up and down… you feel the vibe of the different people, and it’s a great time.

Marc Jay: Is there anything else that you want to tell Clubplanet readers?

DJ Twisted: Watch out: DJ Twisted is coming back in 2011 and you all better be ready.

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On a quick personal note, I would very much like to thank the whole of the Tao Group for organizing my birthday party last week in Las Vegas. If you didn’t make it, you missed a good one. Here is the video from the night...

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