Interview with Celebrity Guitar Maker Gary Hutchins

by Marc Jay

Marc Jay: Since the weather is so nice today, I’ve decided to work outside from my poolside cabana office. Now, it's not every day you get to talk to a world renowned guitar maker, but today I am with Gary Hutchins, entrepreneur, radio DJ and guitar maker to the stars. Hi, Gary.

Gary Hutchins: Hi, Marc. Thanks for that rousing intro and thanks for having me. I have to say you have an amazing office! The pool view is fantastic!

Marc Jay: Thank you. I manage [laughs]. Now then, Gary... Snow Patrol, Oasis, Kasabian, Fyfe Dangerfield—to name but a few. You supply guitars to some pretty impressive bands. How did it all begin ?

Gary Hutchins: About five years ago I was in one of those places where you know that you have to do something... but I didn`t know what. I had always had a love of guitars as objects and I could play a bit, but I just had the idea that I wanted to make them, create a brand with my name. My father had recently passed away and I had a young son, Edward, so I wanted to do something that I could pass down. That meant something. So, I began to learn how to make guitars. I bought some old second-hand guitars, stripped them down, put them back together again mixing up the bits... and so it began.

Marc Jay: Who did you sell your first guitar to?

Gary Hutchins: Well the first few attempts were less than perfect , but I met up with a guitar guru named Alan Entwistle in Germany and we collaborated on a couple of designs. One of these models was the Memphis and one of the first ones went to Luke Pritchard of The Kooks. Another went to Chris McCormack of Three Colours Red. Chris also now tours with '80s icon Gary Numan. Another went to Carl Barret of The Libertines. A lot of these guys know each other so the phone began to ring!

Marc Jay: How did you get involved with Snow Patrol?

Gary Hutchins: I met Gary and Nathan back stage at thier Camden Roundhouse gig. We chatted and Nathan asked to try out a guitar at their next rehearsal. We met again, Nathan tried the Memphis, liked it, and now plays it. He used it quite a bit on the last album. I have just made a signature series guitar for him and we are meeting up in the next few days, so good stuff.

Marc Jay: Sounds great! Now do you only make guitars for celebrities or can anyone buy a Hutchins guitar?

Gary Hutchins: Anyone can buy one. I don't actually make bespoke guitars for the bands; they just buy a standard guitar and get their techs to set them up how they like them. I have shop outlets throughout the UK, Germany, Belgium and France and the guitars have just become available in the USA, so hopefully there will be some U.S. shops soon. Anyone can see the range on

Marc Jay: Now enough of guitars... what about this radio show?

Gary Hutchins: That came about after I got involved with the Brighton Music Awards. I compered the launch party of the BMA and Radio Reverd offered me a show. Then Juice Radio did the same. All a bit luck really. But Marc, sir, I want to get you involved in the radio shows! You can be my man in Las Vegas—it'll be a hit! Look at how well Piers Morgan has done!

Marc Jay: Well, we can talk about that one, Gary, but it sounds fun. Can the show be heard over the internet?

Gary Hutchins: Yes sir. There is a podcast at

Marc Jay: It all sounds like things are going well, Gary. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

Gary Hutchins: Thank you for asking me, it's been a pleasure. And I must say... love the pool side office!

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