Top Aphrodisiac Cocktails

Top Aphrodisiac Cocktails

by Stephanie Nolasco

Need some inspiration to get it on? Transform your bar into a love den and get ready to shake things up. Everyone knows that certain foods, like bananas and avocados, are eaten to increase one’s stamina, but what about aphrodisiacs in the form of drinks? Alcohol already reduces one’s inhibitions, which is why leading bartenders are incorporating known “sex ingredients” to tantalize patrons. Whether it’s chocolate syrup or peppers that gets your heart racing, check out our picks for the top aphrodisiac cocktails to spice up any night.

Top Aphrodisiac Cocktail: Chocolate and Honey Martini
Sticky and sinfully sweet, honey is recognized as the sensuous nectar of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, making it a delicious libido booster. It’s been said honey was originally given as a gift to newlyweds to help them enjoy their first sexual experience. Honey is also mentioned in the Kama Sutra as a key ingredient for heightening orgasms. You can experience honey’s golden goodness as a sexy martini that includes another known and equally yummy aphrodisiac. The Chocolate and Honey Martini is luscious, potent, and a surefire way to set the right mood with your honey.

35 ml. Vodka (We used Ciroc)
10 ml. Whiskey (We used Johnnie Walker Gold Label)
12.5 ml. Chocolate liqueur (We used Godiva Chocolate Liqueur)
½ tsp. Honey
Dash of Orange bitters

Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and strain into a frozen martini glass. Garnish with honeycomb and orange twist.

Top Aphrodisiac Cocktail: Chocolattini
Mouthwatering chocolate has been seducing patrons for centuries and it’s not just because it’s one of the most succulent treats you’ll ever savor. The Aztecs would prepare frothy hot chocolate for Emperor Montezuma, who believed that the elixir, made with vanilla, wine, and pepper, would increase his sex drive. He drank up to 50 goblets of hot chocolate before hitting the sack for hours with hundreds of wives and mistresses. Talk about an all-nighter! Satisfy your cravings with a Chocolattini, a creamy concoction of chocolate, vodka, and coffee ice cream, especially if you need the energy to get lucky.

2 shots of Vodka
3 scoops of Coffee ice cream
1 ½ tsp. Pure chocolate extract (We used Nielsen-Massey Pure Chocolate Extract)
1 cup Ice cubes
Chocolate syrup
Chocolate sprinkles

Add all ingredients except syrup in a blender and blend until thoroughly mixed. Dip the rim of chilled martini glass in chocolate syrup. Fill with cocktail and garnish with sprinkles.

Top Aphrodisiac Cocktail: Breaking the Law
Don’t let the look of this glowing love potion fool you-one sip might trigger some naughty behavior. Breaking the Law by The Summit Bar's mixologist Greg Seider includes chili peppers, which adds some much-needed capsaicin to your drink. This chemical not only stimulates nerve endings, but it also raises one’s pulse. In addition, capsaicin releases endorphins, causing a natural high. Get hot and bothered before pleasing and teasing.

1 Cucumber slice
1 oz. Mezcal (We used Illegal Mezcal Resposado)
1 oz. Cordial (We used Dimmi Italian Cordial)
¾ oz. Lime juice
¾ oz. Chipotle chili agave
2 Dashes of Orange bitters
Soda water
Grated orange zest

Add all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake. Muddle cucumber slice. Double strain with a tea strainer. Pour into a Collins glass and top with a splash of soda water. Garnish with grated orange zest.

Top Aphrodisiac Cocktail: Strawberry Daiquiri
Strawberries, famously nicknamed the “nipples of fruits,” are the perfect heart shaped desserts to invoke romance and passion. Drop a plump, crimson berry into your champagne flute or dip it in warm chocolate and you have the perfect ingredients for foreplay. Like the Greeks and their honey, the French would also give newlyweds strawberry soup to jumpstart the honeymoon. Meanwhile, Romans would serve their lovers handpicked strawberries as a sign of saying “you intoxicate me.” Let your beau know how delicious they are with a Strawberry Daiquiri by mixologist Jeff Josenhans from The US GRANT Hotel. It’s a sensual cocktail that will get those fires burning on cool evenings.

2 parts Rum (We used Rhum JM Argicole)
1 part Strawberry liqueur (We used Fragoli Wild Strawberry Liqueur)
2 parts Strawberry consommé
.5 parts Falernum
Lime juice
1 Strawberry

Add all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shaker. Serve in a chilled daiquiri glass. Garnish with a strawberry.

Top Aphrodisiac Cocktail: Citrus Fizz
A cozy dinner for two wouldn’t be complete without sipping on the drink of love. Champagne reaches the bloodstream more quickly than wine, causing a warm glow and a “bubbly” attitude. Even notable researcher Dr. Max Lake mentioned in one of his studies that certain dry champagnes can replicate the aroma of female pheromones. In addition, champagne pairs perfectly with other aphrodisiacs, such as chocolate or strawberries. Get out that bottle and prepare a Citrus Fizz by Betel NYC's Mary Zayaruzny. Not only does it highlight champagne, but it also includes lemongrass, an herb often use to enhance sex. You can never have too much pleasure.

2 Large slices of Nashi pear
1 oz. Lemongrass syrup
1 oz. Lemon juice
2 oz. Citrus-infused vodka (We used 3 Olives Citrus Vodka)
.5 oz. Champagne
Sprinkle of Lemongrass powder

Muddle the pear with lemongrass syrup and lemon juice. Add vodka, ice, and lemongrass powder. Shake and pour into a tall glass. Top with champagne.

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