Clubplanet Interviews Dirty South

Clubplanet Interviews Dirty South

by Marcos Colón

Dirty South is quickly becoming a big name on the electronic dance music scene. The DJ-producer first became known for his electro sets, but he too would soon leave the genre and start focusing more on his big room house sounds. He’s recently been working with the likes of the Swedish House Mafia and playing some of the top venues and music festivals all around the world. He recently released a teaser for his new single "Phazing," that’s been driving fans crazy while they await its release. He’ll be back in Miami next month and playing the infamous Mansion nightclub, but we couldn’t wait until then to have a chat.

Clubplanet recently caught up with Dirty South and chatted about his latest single, where he gets inspiration from for his tracks, and what we could look forward to from him for the remainder of the year.

Clubplanet: Your latest single, "Phazing," is now released and it’s driving fans crazy. What's the concept behind the lyrics?

Dirty South: This track is a feel-good kind of song. It's very positive and it brings a summer feeling when I hear it. I wrote the lyrics with my friend Rudy who is also on the vocals.

CP: What are you thoughts on the progression of electronic music in the U.S.?

Dirty South: I think electronic music is growing at a rapid rate in U.S and I'm really enjoying my shows over there. I've only been playing shows there for three years and I'm not sure how it was before that, but I have definitely felt the increase of demand for electronic music in the last three years.

CP: How would you categorize your sound?

Dirty South: I would say it’s Big Room House music.

CP: What can we expect from your new label?

Dirty South: Good quality house music of course! I will be doing some exciting collaborations also, so look out for those in the near future.

CP: Where do you draw your inspiration from when you start producing a track?

Dirty South: It can start anywhere really. Sometimes i pick up a guitar and play some chords, and sometimes it starts with a sample. It can even happen when I'm watching a movie or doing shopping.

CP: You're about to start a massive U.S. tour. What are some of the best markets to play and why?

Dirty South: The big major cities always deliver and I love playing there, but I really love playing everywhere, and the small U.S markets have been amazing.

CP: What's the toughest part about constantly being on the road?

Dirty South: Toughest part is being away from family and friends. It can also get a bit lonely sometimes, and I always miss my studio when I'm away.

CP: Who are some up and coming producers out there whose sound you admire?

Dirty South: There are a few, but guys like Avicii, AN21 and Max Vangeli are doing some great stuff. The youngsters are definitely coming!

CP: What can we look forward to from you for the remainder of the year?

Dirty South: I'll be doing more productions and more shows of course. I'm also doing a new project that is more acoustic based. Its called "Ruben Haze" so watch out for that soon!

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