Famous For Being Famous: The Top 10 Notorious A-List Socialites

by Lianamar Davila Sanabria

It has happened to all of us before and quite often in the recent years. We see their names over and over splattered across tabloids, front and center in the media and garnering all the paparazzi attention. But then we ask ourselves: what exactly are they famous for again? These wannabe celebrities have received almost instant stardom without any legitimate contributions to society thanks to outlets like US Weekly, TMZ and Perez Hilton. As expected, most of these cases involve a famous parent, family money or the ever-popular sex tape- meeting any of the aforementioned requirements will almost guarantee you a reality show. We have come up with a list of the top 10 notorious FFBFs or A-List socialites, in our opinion and in no particular order.

Top Notorious A-List Socialite: Nicole Richie

She is the ever-so-famous for no reason adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, former best friend of Paris Hilton and current wife of Good Charlotte’s lead singer Joel Madden. After looking dumb in the reality series “The Simple Life,” the only thing she’s really been known for is getting knocked up my Joel and maybe her drug addiction and stints in rehab. I assume she’ll get bored of motherhood soon and find another way to get in the spotlight- maybe a show based on her divorce? Who knows.

Top Notorious A-List Socialite: Kevin Federline

Before becoming Britney Spears, K-Fed was merely one of her back-up dancers. Fast forward through a few years of Britney’s bad decision-making and now he has a failed attempt at a rapping career, high priced party hosting contracts, and custody of their two kids, which landed him the title of Father of The Year in 2007 from Details magazine (which was obviously on drugs when they made that judgment). Talk about trashy nobodies who hit the spousal jackpot!

Top Notorious A-List Socialite: Kimberly Stewart

Besides providing us with one of the most memorable and hilarious red carpet moments of all time (search “Kimberly Stewart Bike Wipeout on YouTube),  she’s only known for being Rod’s daughter and for following Paris around, i.e. red carpet bike incident. She also likes to say outrageous things to the press in order to get more press, i.e. “Jennifer Aniston is ugly.”

Top Notorious A-List Socialite: Anna Nicole Smith

What can we say about this sad, sad woman? She married a billionaire on his death bed, got naked for Playboy, gained an excessive amount of weight, became a weight-loss spokesperson, got a reality show on E!, was involved in a very public paternity battle between two potential baby daddies and then died due to prescription drug overdose. The end.

Top Notorious A-List Socialite: Tinsley Mortimer

Known as “one of the most famous faces in the New York scene,” she’s one of the reining queens if the New York’s socialite circus. After graduating from Columbia, she married into the Standard Oil family though her high school sweetheart then hit the charity-ball circuit with her sister-in-law, Minnie. Tinsley earned her A-list social status the old-fashioned way- shameless self-promotion. It definitely paid off because designers scramble to dress her and feature her in their glossy ads and luxury brands pay her to endorse their goods. In 2007, Dior hired her to serve as its "U.S. Beauty Ambassador." She created a line of handbags for the Japanese accessories brand Samantha Thavasa, and she's even landed her own reality show on the CW network, “High Society.” As of late she’s been fighting to keep the spotlight due to newer and younger socialites infiltrating the scene, such the next lady on our list.

Top Notorious A-List Socialite: Olivia Palermo

This Manhattan socialite grew up on the Upper East Side and received a private-school education at Nightingale, Windward, and St. Luke’s. Wanting to join the girls she read about on the social website Socialite Rank, she quickly took it upon herself to get noticed. After appearing in photographer Patrick McMullen’s website, invitations from the social circuits starting pouring in. She promptly hired a publicist from People’s Revolution and got involved with charities in New York. But her very public rivalry with Tinsley Mortimer was what catapulted her to stardom. All of the hate articles in the society pages caused an Olivia fan club to appear and her fame to spread. Next thing you know, Olivia is on the cover of New York Magazine in May 2007 and cast in “The Hills,” spinoff “The City,” thanks to her aggressive attempts at climbing the social ladder.

Top Notorious A-List Socialites: Kim Kardashian & The Kardashian Clan

She is the daughter of OJ Simpson Attorney Robert Kardashian, stepdaughter of former Olympian Bruce Jenner and another one of Hilton’s cronies. Kim was originally famous for being in R&B singer Ray J’s sex tape in 2007.  Her public notoriety- in addition to the media’s obsession with her “assets,” led to her own television show chronicling her family’s antics in “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s” due to the success of the tape. She then turned that into a stint on “Dancing with the Stars,” a role in a series of exercise DVDs, a perfume line and an endorsement deal with Quick Trim. Her success at transitioning from socialite to business mogul is considered the type of success that many socialites aspire to. She also frequents gossip columns and tabloid magazines due to her on-again-off-again relationship with NFL star Reggie Bush. Her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, rode her coattails until they were able to conjure up enough buzz around their own lives to land a spinoff show, “Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami.”

Top Notorious A-List Socialite: Brody Jenner

The evil stepbrother of the Kardashian clan via Bruce Jenner’s previous marriage has also tried his hand at collecting talentless fame. Before trying to date his way into “The Hills” and famously hooking up with Lauren Conrad, he failed at launching his own reality TV series “The Princes of Malibu.” His 15 minutes of “Hills” fame won him his own MTV show, “Bromance,” which was just as self-esteemed deprived as Paris’s “My New BFF” show.

Top Notorious A-List Socialites: Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

The infamous Speidi duo. Need I say more? If you don’t know why these worthless “celebs” and “The Hills” villains are famous for no reason, consider yourself lucky and don’t attempt to look into it or you will be scarred for life. But if you must know, just read her recent interview with People magazine. Montag revealed that she had ten plastic surgery procedures done in one day, which included brow lifts, ear-pinnings and a chin reduction. Pratt has recently attempted to start drama with popular celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton via Twitter over the alleged existence of former Hills star Lauren Conrad’s sex tape. As you can see, they’ll do anything and everything to get attention from the media. Desperate much?

Top Notorious A-List Socialite: Paris Hilton

No listing of socialites or FFBF could ever be complete with the Queen Bee herself. Before “The Simple Life” with then-BFF and fellow member of this list, Paris basically did nothing besides making red carpet appearances and repeatedly showing up in NYC’s gossip column “Page Six” for causing a ruckus or dancing on the tables of a club the previous night. Her only claim to fame was being heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune. When her sex tape “1 Night in Paris” leaked on the online market in 2004, the residue fame lead to other regrettable movie appearances, a sad attempt at a singing career, some modeling and a perfume line. Oh and let’s not forget her stream of drunk driving offenses that even landed her a 45-day jail sentence for DUI and probation violations. Then again if I could make $150K by showing up at a Vegas nightclub for a Halloween party, I definitely would sacrifice being called a FFBF too.

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