Clubplanet’s How To: Throw a Proper Halloween Party

Clubplanet’s How To: Throw a Proper Halloween Party

by Marcos Colón

Halloween is just around the corner people, meaning you need to start deciding A) what to wear, and B) what the hell you’re going to do! If you’re nightlife fanatics like us, you’ve already starting looking for the best parties at a nightclub, bar, or lounge near you. However, there are also many of us who opt to stay inside. That’s why we’re here to help you. Don’t spend your Halloween indoors where kids will stop at nothing to get your candy. Instead, try throwing a kickass Halloween bash! There are certain things you need to be aware of prior to announcing your party, and we’re here to provide you with the ultimate Halloween Party Checklist. Prepare to take notes!

Decide On Your Costume Early On

One of the most important things you have to do when it comes to Halloween is decide what you’re going to dress up as. A Halloween costume is super important and will probably be one of the toughest decisions from your checklist. After all, you do have to dress up if you’re going to throw a Halloween party. The last thing your guests want to see is their host wearing his usual jeans and t-shirt getup. For a Halloween party you really have to be unique because you’re the host! Try shying away from traditional costumes like vampires, werewolves, devils, and angels. Create your own costume or stick with something that may cost you a lot of money. Chances are no one else will have that same costume and you’ll be the only one in the party wearing it. Remember, you want people saying, “Oh you’re looking for the host? It’s the only guy dressed as ________.”

Decorate Your House to The Fullest

Of course, when it comes to throwing a proper Halloween party, the most important aspect is decoration. Don’t just decide to throw a Halloween Party and have a bunch of drunken dressed up fools show up at your doorstep and walk in, only having them find your normal digs. Turn your pad into a dungeon or haunted house. This is your chance to be creative. Remember, the better the decoration, the bigger of an impression you leave on your guests, meaning they’ll definitely show up for future parties.

Inside Decoration

When it comes to decorating your house for a Halloween Party the inside is obviously more important than the outside. Remember to stick with dark and spooky colors. The last thing you want is to make the place looks like an '80s prom. Black balloons may seem corny, but if you score 200 of them, you'll easily create a black ceiling, and that’s very eye-catching. Halloween parties are all about setting a mood, and the mood you want to set should ALWAYS be a dark one. Also, remember to take down any posters, portraits, and framed pictures of you and your granny. You really want to have people believing that they’re somewhere else, not at Joe Shmoe's house.

Outside Decoration

Although you already know that decorating the inside of your house for your Halloween party is important, the outside is also crucial. Remember, you want to draw people in to the party. If they pull up in their cars to what looks like your normal pad, they’ll already start doubting the party. Put up signs, fake skeletons, skulls, cobwebs, and fake blood on the steps leading up to the house. That will already have the guests to your Halloween party thinking, “OK, now we’re in for something.” But remember, what’s going on inside HAS to be better than what’s going on outside. You don’t want people hanging out outside, you want them inside, where the real Halloween party is.

Smoke Machine

One very important piece of advice that we’ll give you is, if you can get your hands on a smoke machine, rented or not, get it! Smoke machines will really turn up the aesthetics of the Halloween party, giving it that spooky misty feel of a dream. You can either go with two forms of liquid for the smoke machine. The normal foggy smoke will fill up the air and at times can really make it hard to see what’s in front of you, adding more to the scary feel of the Halloween party. But then there’s the fog that sits low on the ground. Now this will set you back a little bit more, but it will give the Halloween party guests the feeling that they’re in a cemetery.

Halloween Cocktails Are Essential

If you’re going to a Halloween party, of course you’re going to expect there to be some drinks. But instead of opting for the traditional keg, why not make something that will interest the ladies as well. That’s why you need to concoct your own special Halloween cocktail. Try making a fruity red punch that’s super spiked, but has the look of blood. Make a giant bowl of it and throw in a few fake eyeballs, some plastic spiders, things that will really give your Halloween party that extra edge. The guys won’t think much of it, but the girls will love the cutesy thought, and enjoy the punch even more. Don’t get us wrong though, you should definitely still get the keg and numerous bottles of liquor. You never know when you’ll need more ammo. 

Create a Soundtrack for the Party

When everyone thinks of a party, then automatically think of dancing and drinking. But when you think of a Halloween party, the music needs to take on a whole new persona. Try creating a special mix or soundtrack for the party. You know what we mean, throw in classics like "Thriller," "Monster Mash," "Ghost Busters," and "Paint It Black." The entire soundtrack doesn’t have to be strictly Halloween tracks, but you should definitely get these on there to liven up the mood and theme of your Halloween party.

The Extremely Important Halloween Invitation

Now you have everything in mind for your kick ass Halloween party, your costume, decorating your house, the Halloween beverages and Halloween songs to go with it. Last but not least comes the invitation. You want this to be a Halloween themed invite. If you want to be cheesy but funny, stick with the kiddie invites you can buy at your local Target. But if you want to be unique, try printing out your own invites but putting your own twist on it. Try using a special type of printing paper (rice paper) and thick red ink or finger paint. If you use red finger paint it’ll give the impression that it’s been drawn in by a man’s fingers covered in blood. That’s pretty unique and will add even more to the overall Halloween party points.

Be Specific

When it comes to your invite remember to be specific. Let them know that this is a “Costume Party,” and whether or not they need to pay a fee for the booze ($5 is pretty typical, and if you really want the girls to show up don’t charge them at all). The more specific the invitation the better it is. BUT, don’t make it too long. Your guests may get a bit annoyed.

Don’t Sound Too Demanding

Never be too demanding in your invitation, that will only turn off potential partiers from coming to your Halloween party. If it’s a Halloween party, don’t make them wear specific costumes to it. If you decide on a Heaven vs. Hell party, don’t make everyone dress to the theme. Remember, some people may already have costumes and they’re not going to but a new costume just because you tell them to. If a clown, pirate, and vampire decide to show up, so be it.

Address Is Key

Last but not least, remember to give correct instructions to your guests as to how to get to your party. Let them know what the fastest way there is and where to park. Also, include the actual address, everyone seems to have a GPS now.

If you follow Clubplanet’s tips on how to throw a proper Halloween party then you should be well on your way to having one of the best parties on your block. Remember, Halloween parties are all about being creative, so think of unique themes and ideas and put them to work.

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