The A-List Hangouts: Miami's Top Celebrity Hangouts

The A-List Hangouts: Miami's Top Celebrity Hangouts

by Marcos Colón

The city of Miami is an endless hotbed for nightlife and entertainment. Clubs, lounges, restaurants, bars, you name it we got it. This is exactly the reason why we attract so many A-listers in the city. At times, we even seem to steal the show from other markets like Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and they’re only a few hours apart! Although we have a budding nightlife scene here, there are those select few places that seem to keep actors, musicians and athletes coming back for more. We’ve cut the fat from our list, and listed the most concise list of Miami celebrity hotspots.

#6 Miami Celebrity Hotspot
Mokaï Lounge
235 23rd St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Some of the best advice that you could possibly receive from us is to visit Mokaï on a Tuesday night. Their weekly Brazilian inspired Favela Chic party is really under the radar, however, not for a certain type of crowd. It seems as though models that come into town for season, love hanging out at this place. Although it may seem like a tight squeeze at times, there’s nothing better than rubbing elbows with some of the best looking women in South Beach. Owned by ex-Heat basketball player, Ronny Seikaly, this place tends to have quite its share of A-list clientele. Paris Hilton, Brody Jenner, Andy Roddick and John Legend are all fans of this intimate and extravagant venue, putting it on our list of top celebrity hotspot in Miami.


#5 Miami Celebrity Hotspot
The Forge
423 41st Street
Miami Beach, FL 33140

Everyone’s got that one friend that likes to live it up, always wanting to be a part of the best of the best when it comes to dining and nightlife. Well, The Forge offers up both of these and brings in the type of crowd that you only see in fashion magazines and at times even in movies. Being inside of this automatically gives you the feeling that you’re important, probably why it’s a celeb hotspot in Miami. Names like Russell Simmons, Kelis, O.J. Simpson, Sharon Stone, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez frequent the venue when they’re in town. Here you can get some of the best cuisine in the city, or wait until the evening and rub elbows with some of the great.


#4 Miami Celebrity Hotspot
SET Nightclub
320 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

When it comes to combination of exclusivity and nightlife, nothing beats SET Nightclub in South Beach. Quite possibly one of the best looking clubs in the nation, SET’s aesthetics is what draws in its A-list crowd, making it a celeb hotspot in Miami. From their strict door policy, to their ultra VIP Trophy Room, once you step through the doors of this place, you’re pretty much considered a VIP all around. Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Foxx, and even Michael Phelps have had some fun indoors at this place. It’s the perfect size with the perfect look for those who are looking for really something special. And another note, they tough on letting photographers inside, which really peaks the interest of celebs.


#3 Miami Celebrity Hotspot
Cameo Nightclub
1445 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Cameo nightclub is located on Washington Avenue, and if you’ve been to South Beach, we can almost guarantee that you’ve traveled on Washington. It’s the pulse of nightlife in the city, with a series of clubs and lounges lined up behind its sidewalks. But Cameo Nightclub can almost be seen as its neon light of advertisement. Throwing some of the best house and hip hop parties in the Miami, the grandeur associated with this club brings in celebrities left and right. Rumor even has it that a lot of the hip hop guys, including Diddy and producer Austin Dallas, like to frequent house nights in order to get some inspiration for their hip hop work.


#2 Miami Celebrity Hotspot
LIV Nightclub
4441 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

LIV Nightclub is one of the newest venues in South Beach. Once the Fontainebleau Resort opened up shop again, and announced that it would be opening a brand-new club, the masses in the city began to wonder how big this place would be, considering that the Fontainebleau is nearly a city of its own. Once it opened up, it was the true meaning of a mega-club, almost Vegas-esque! Celebrities soon came by the heards to enjoy the party, especially since the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashon Show was held here. Joaquin Phoenix recently did his rap schtick here, and jumped into the crowd to take on a heckler. But Paris Hilton takes the cake on this one, considering her little run-in with Steve Angello during Winter Music Conference. This is truly a celeb magnet!


#1 Miami Celebrity Hotspot
Mansion Nightclub
1235 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

When it comes to the true celebrity hotspot in Miami, Mansion definitely comes in at number one, considering that a majority of the celebrities that come by usually host their own parties there. Diddy really has a blast when he stops by here, but so does Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Robin Thicke, we’re not trying to name drop here ladies and gentlemen…well, I guess we are…but this is definitely the mecca of celebrity hotspots in Miami. On any given night that the club is open, be prepared to run into a familiar face, and we’re not talking about your neighbor.


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