Sexiest Cell Phones

by Diana Kost

So you think your outfit is complete? Think again. 10 out of 10 experts agree that no outfit is ever complete without the right accessories. And in 2008, the most important one happens to be the cell phone. So if you're still rocking that 5-pound Motorola or just want to have the sexiest cell phone of the moment, these phones promise to impress. 

Apple iPhone (AT&T)

Why it’s sexy: If it isn’t the sleekness that gets to you, it will definitely be the touch screen.  Take a picture and just get all up in it simply by massaging the screen. Trust me – it likes getting touched as much as you like touching. The perfect relationship.

Why it’s functional: Moonlighting as an iPod, the iPhone also offers a 2+ megapixel camera, Safari browser, and weighs a mere 4.8 oz.

Cons: So you wish it was a good phone? Keep wishing. Lacking vital features such as Bluetooth support, integrated memory and 3G compatibility, you might want to wait for the second generation.

Price: $399

LG Voyager – VX10000 (Verizon)

Why it’s sexy:  Don’t be intimated by those iPhone users. Not only does the Voyager allow you to touch your way through any phone call or web application, it also gives you the option to use the keyboard. Too many options never hurt anyone.  

Why it’s functional: A phone is not a phone unless it has certain features. Good thing the Voyager has V Cast Mobile TV Bluetooth, web browser, and integrated GPS applications. Oh yeah, the phone actually works, too.

Cons: It’s a bit on the bulky side and may be considered an iPhone rip off.

Price: $299

AT&T Tilt

Why it’s sexy: Obviously because it tilts. Looking more like a smart phone than a cell phone, the Tilt will make even the dowdiest of users look like they’re doing something important. Even if it is just checking the score.

Why it’s functional: Not only is there a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out, but the tilting screen, push e-mail and 3-megapixel camera make it a desirable phone for both business and pleasure.

Cons: It may look good but that doesn’t mean it sounds good. The speakerphone quality is just okay and the GPS isn’t as fully functioning as it should be.

Price: $449


RIM Blackberry Pearl

Why it’s sexy: Consider the RIM Blackberry Pearl a girlfriend who lost a few pounds and got blonde highlights. It’s just an improvement on an already existing good product. And since you already know what you’ll be getting, you can just look forward to the new and exciting features that came with the change. 

Why it’s Functional: Like all Blackberrys, you can check your email, browse the net and track your appointments. The newest features include a 2-megapixel camera, built in GPS, EV-DO support and video-recording capabilities.

Cons: It’s a SureType keyboard as opposed to the highly comfortable QWERTY keyboard so it sort of feels like you’re typing on a phone from 2007.

Price: $249

Nokia N95

Why it’s Sexy: It’s a phone. It’s a camera. It’s a…phone with no carrier! Perhaps that sexiest part about this phone is that it costs $700 unlocked and anyone who is using it probably has much more to spare. Perhaps to take you on a date?

Why it’s Functional: Aside from the 5-megapixel camera and integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, this phone slides both up and down. So slide it down to see the keyboard and then up again to see the media player controls.

Cons: There is no provider attached. And it cost $700.

Price: $699


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