The ClubPlanet Interview: Cole Plante

The ClubPlanet Interview: Cole Plante

by DJ Ron Slomowicz

Imagine being seventeen years old and living your dream touring the world as a DJ. Cole Plante (pronounced plon-TAY) was signed at 16 to Hollywood Records, where he has been building his name as a producer (top 10 club chart hits “If I Fall” and “Lie to Me”) and DJ (opening for Demi Lovato on tour and spinning with everyone from Avicii to Diplo). Even as the youngest DJ to ever spin Lollapalooza, what might be most surprising is how well-adjusted he is. He manages to balance his senior year in High School with the track team, marching band, and his video game addiction while rising in the maddening EDM world. After watching his Unfiltered series on YouTube, I spoke to him quickly after he played the Summer Sessions party in Atlantic City. There were two security guards watching him the entire time, to insure that he didn’t even touch an alcoholic beverage, and who promptly escorted him out before curfew at midnight. What a strange double life he lives!

RS: So how was your set?
Cole Plante: It was incredible. I got to throw in some brand new tracks that I've been working on for the first time along with my new Demi Lovato remix of "Really Don't Care" that just went #1 on Billboard Dance Club Chart. 

RS: Congratulations on hitting #1 on the club charts, it was for “If I Fall” right?
Cole Plante: “Lie to Me” hit # 1 and then “If I Fall” hit #7 so to have two in the Top 10 is incredible.  The Demi Lovato “Neon Lights” remix hit # 1 as well and so did “Really Don’t Care.”  

RS: Congratulations. You have two vocalists on your new single, “Before I’m Yours,” how did that come together?
Cole Plante:  Originally I was given the only Brix's top line alone which was great but I had also wanted to feature a track with duet for a long time and finally this one came along and it was the perfect one. I reached out to my buddy Brian Logan Dales who's the lead singer the band The Summer Set and he cut the vocals right before he went on the summer long Warped Tour. 

RS: You did two singles with Myon & Shane 54, when you collaborate with them how does that work?
Cole Plante: They have a really intense touring schedule so we sent files and ideas back and forth and eventually it came together after a couple weeks

RS: Very cool. Now you are 17, if you could have anyone in the world DJ your 18th birthday who would it be?
Cole Plante: It would be Dillon Francis

RS: He is spinning right now.
Cole Plante: Yes, he is my favorite artists, favorite DJ and favorite producer so that would be amazing.

RS: There is another young producer out there who got caught using ghost producers. Have you done anything to make people realize that it is actually you turning the knobs?
Cole Plante:  Unfortunately , with the kind of criticism that younger artists are given, you have to assure to fans and to the rest of the industry that you are who you claim to be. People use ghost producers and that's just what it is.  When people see me play piano, guitar and trombone they know that I have been involved in music for a long time.  I'm on the marching band and I have been playing classical music for 10 years and producing for four years and grew up around so many amazing producers that taught me so much, and still learning, so thankfully I haven’t gotten much back lash. Garrix who's also my age had been doing tracks for awhile but because he was 17 when his single hit big, the age focus was the topic.   Madeon was 16 when he had his remixes come out and Porter was 17 when he had “Say My Name” come out.  I think it is more viable and that people know that it is me when we collab or have sat and talked about music.  Sometimes no matter what an artist does, they will always get hated on. I am planning to do some acoustic live sessions for some my singles at some venues and will be incorporating it into live show. 

RS: What was it like opening for Demi Lovato on tour?
Cole Plante: Incredible, it was a once in a life time experience.  Demi did a 31 day arena tour and it was sold out every time, it was insane every single day. When you play in a club you're getting anywhere from one to three thousand clubbers.   On the "Neon Lights Tour" each night was packed and we were playing in venues where sports teams like the Pistons, Islanders, Canucks are playing!  It's jaw dropping being center stage and you look out into a sea of people.  People would cry when she walked on stage and I was standing next to her. It was such a cool feeling to watch how an artist affects their fans on that kind of level. It was such an amazing experience and it was my first proper bus tour so the memories will last a life time.

RS: What is coming next?
Cole Plante:   I am working on an EP that's shooting for a late fall release which will feature guest vocals from Bea Miller called "Til The Stars Burn Out," another one from the lead singer of Echosmith called "100 Years From Now" and two new singles that will round it out. There's also a film trailer remix I'm excited about as well as a remix of Kiesza's  "Giant In My Heart" and a new remix of  Myon And Shane 54's new track called "Summer Of Love" that I'm working on. Then working on a fall tour as well. Oh, and getting through my senior year of high school!  

RS: What would you like to say to all of your fans out there?
Cole Plante: Thank you guys so much for the support, this last year has been incredible and I can’t believe it’s already been a year.  I love you guys, thank you for supporting my music and coming to my shows. Thank you for being those people who sing the lyrics at my shows.  I love seeing people sing my songs because I know that it affected them and that is incredible.  Thank you, I love you and hope to see you guys on tour.

Interview conducted August 2014 during Summer Sessions in Atlantic City.

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