The ClubPlanet Interview: BORGORE

The ClubPlanet Interview: BORGORE

by Eunyce Kim

BORGORE will be releasing #NEWGOREORDER, his proper debut studio album from Buygore/Dim Mak Records on July 8.  At his upcoming Las Vegas shows, he is planning to perform a round-up of mind-blowing music with a different unique sound. 

ClubPlanet Online Editor; Eunyce Kim was able to sit down with Borgore in NYC to discuss his new sound, new album and upcoming shows. As well as talk about his insane Electric Daisy Carnival NY story. 

CP: So yesterday you played at your album launch party for your debut album #NEWGOREORDER, and it was located at Pacha NYC. You mentioned it was the first time that you ever did something like this?

BG:  Yes correct, This was the first time playing in a small intimate setting for my new album which is under my label BUYGORE in collaboration with DIM MAK. It was so weird for me to just stand there and play my album from beginning to end because i'm used to playing sets, I was holding myself back haha.

CP: Your music style has matured and developed a lot since you first started out with dubstep. What other types of genres should we be expecting for your debut album? Who or what inspired/influenced majority or the tracks, style, beats for #NEWGOREORDER

BG: Every song was inspired by something different. My music style has become very A.D.D., every song in this album is different and all over the place. I'm not really inspired in general by other EDM artists but mostly by sounds and jazz artists since that's where I started out for music and my background is jazz. So I would say I was mostly influenced by body & soul. 

CP: From your point of view at the listening party, which song from your album seemed to get the most interesting reaction from the audience?

BG: I'm not very politically correct in my music, i'll say and play a lot of things that people will think but dare not say out loud. There's a time and place to be naughty (lady on the know the gist ) So the song "Syrup" in my album is a good example: it's a thirsty song" -- makes the females kind of..uh, wet. hahaha.

CP: What about a song that means the most to you from the album?

BG: So I mentioned I love jazz, it's my background and it's the genre I like to listen to the most, A song that I did where my sister (Yael) is singing. It's unnecessarily going to be the biggest hit from my album; It's just my personal favorite. She does lend her voice for a few other tracks in the album such as "my favorite things" "cry me a river" "foes" -- she wasn't singing for "nymph for ice cream", but a lot of people just think that I put my sister in the naughty songs but that's my f-cking sister guys, that's just wrong. 

CP: Haha, so speaking of singing...You are singing and rapping in most of your tracks and You also sang/rapped live at the listening party?

BG: When you play a big show and you're drunk,  you feel a bit more comfortable but this was a small environment and I was like, a little embarrassed. Before the event, I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect. What is a "listening party" haha. 

CP: Haha well, you did a great job for not knowing what you were doing. So, how did the whole #bootyforborgore hashtag twitter/instagram trend begin?

BG: Um, haha so about 2-3 years ago, I was really drunk in New Castle, England. and I was like,"i'm going to play a game of striptease with my followers" I think the rules went like: If I could get 10 girls to take their shirts off on twitter, I'll also take my shirt off, done. Next, If could get 10 girls to take their pants off, I will too, done. Then we came to the serious part (haha) 10 pictures of booty and i'll show my booty...but by this point, I tweeted about 400 times in an hour and the twitter cops just put me in twitter I coulnd't tweet for about 24 I was getting all these booty pictures but I couldn't tweet back.and since then #bootyforborgore lives on.

CP: That's pretty crazy, and speaking of crazy....Out of all your shows, what was the craziest thing a fan has done? 

BG: It's actually so difficult to answer that because all my shows are always so different, bizarre, there's always something weird happening at my shows. So, I can't just name one thing.I do remember that last week a naked girl dressed up as a snake...A few weeks back, a dude "made it rain" from the balcony -- during the middle of the show, all of a sudden I see dollar bills flying in the air down towards the audience.

CP: Did anything crazy happen at EDC NY? You played a great set this past month at Citi Field btw!

BG: Very funny you mention that because I think I lost half of my lifespan from EDC NY this year. because as i'm going on stage, (main stage) i was nervous, but made sure that I had the best set , the best set ever. I was ready and the wings are opening. this is my time.and so I go on stage, and my tour manager goes to me: Where's the back up usb? The USB isn't working. -- and I go, "What do you mean it's not working?!" Well I don't have a back up, it's back at the hotel. And then I have one minute to think what I was going to do with the set because I was going on any second. So I thought to myself, "What will the audience think, will they judge me?" Like it's going to ruin my career but I was laughing at the fact that if Jews survived 5000 years so we have generations of survival skills, so I told my tour manager, nathan,.. "Take the macbook pro, try to plug  the usb in there, and just see what happens.." so he plugged the cdjs, and opened up a program called record-box. and usually I doesn't work, but luckily it working so what I did for the whole set, I dragged one song from itunes into recordbox into my cdjs... so i don't have my ques, I don't have my set, -- 30 seconds into my set -- I was sweating my ass off, I was choosing songs from itunes, dragging it to recordbox and sometimes it would go "file not found" and I would have a mini panic attack, like "what do you mean file not found!?" So it was nerve - wrecking.. my goal was to just get through 60 minutes and survive using that method. Britney spears, spice girls, -- so yeah, I survived. I feel like it was pure luck because the kids liked my set.. and I played a lot of things that I didn't think would work on mainstage but, it just worked. But then I played really heavy dubstep, but the kids really like it and I was thinking to myself..damn maybe I was a good thing my usb didn't work. Another story from EDC was that I was playing a game with Adventure club called "I pour vodka into your mouth, you pour vodka into my mouth" but I swear to God, It's not that i'm a pussy but they put way more vodka into my moutth haha . And I got so drunk that I passed out in my hotel room after EDC and nathan, told me the next morning that I blacked out and called Pacha to tell them I was coming and the lady that picked up the phone was trolling me and didn't believe that I was Borgore  So that was my EDC NY experience. 

CP: That’s insane and I’m sure so many of your fans will appreciate the hard work and now that they know what happened behind the scenes they will want to listen to that set all over again with a different perspective! You also have another big show coming up in July at Governor’s Island in NYC.

BG: Yup, I have a show at Governor’s Island on July 5th, my first time playing there so I am pretty excited. I will be playing a lot of my new records and it’s going to be great!

CP: Thank you so much for your time and I hope to meet and chat wit you again after your album drops! :)

BG: It was my pleasure, Thank you :)

Look for BORGORE to also participate on the 3rd Annual EDMbiz Artist Panel happening at the EDMbiz Conference and Expo Thursday, June 19. Listen to BORGORE’s new track “Ratchet” below

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